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Best Counters for Primal Groudon Raid Event in Pokemon GO

Bring the Best Counters for this one

As part of the Pokémon Go Tour: Hoenn event, Primal Groudon has been added to the game. In Pokemon Go, Primal Pokemon are basically comparable to Mega Pokémon in terms of both acquiring and evolving. To get this unique legendary transformation, you must defeat a Primal Groudon raid. This article will go through the best Primal Groudon counters in Pokémon GO.

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Primal Groudon

Like with Mega Energy, you will need to collect the Primal Energy for Groudon to perform a Primal Reversion. It will cost your 400 Primal Energy to conduct Primal Reversion on Groudon for the first time. But in order to do that though you must first catch a defeat and catch a Primal Groudon. Primal Groudon is a Ground and Fire type Primal Raid boss. The Best Primal Groudon raid counters include powerful Ground and Water types.

Best Counters and Moves

  1. Mega Swampert – Water Gun / Hydro Cannon
  2. Mega Blastoise – Water Gun / Hydro Cannon
  3. Mega Gyarados – Waterfall / Hydro Pump
  4. Primal Kyogre – Waterfall / Surf
  5. Kyogre – Waterfall / Surf
  6. Swampert – Water Gun / Hydro Cannon
  7. Mega Salamence – Dragon Tail / Hydro Pump
  8. Kingler – Bubble / Crabhammer
  9. Gyarados – Waterfall / Hydro Pump
  10. Feraligatr – Waterfall / Hydro Cannon

Before conquering a Primal Raid Monster, you must be as prepared as possible since not only are they difficult to defeat, but the faster you destroy them, the more Primal Energy you will receive. Based on your levels and countermeasures, we propose 10+ high-level trainers, and more if you don’t have ideal teams. When facing this raid in Pokémon Go, gather your allies in person or via remote raid passes, put together your best team, and make sure to bring the best Primal Groudon counters.

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