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Best Characters in Diddy Kong Racing: Ranked Tier List

It's a jungle out there.
Diddy Kong Racing characters standing together in a forest setting
Image via Rare/Nintendo

Diddy Kong Racing is still played fervently to this day. Players challenge themselves with breaking records for each tracks or take their skills online. It offers a fun take on kart racing for casual fans and can be difficult to master, making it great for players that want to test themselves. But, regardless of how you play, some characters fair better than others.

Note: This is only taking into account the characters and the vehicle(s) they do well with. Depending on the vehicles used, some characters can do a bit better or worse.

Ranking the Best Characters in Diddy Kong Racing

Top Tier



The unlockables are that way for a reason. Drumstick, despite being a heavy, offers okay acceleration with a very good top speed. His turning isn’t great but, depending on your vehicle, like plane, it hardly matters. T.T. is practically in a tier all his own. Top level acceleration along with top speed and average turning. You can easily rule the track with this character.

High Tier



You’ll find the more lightweight characters near the top thanks to their acceleration. Diddy Kong Racing has quite a few turns on their tracks so it can be hard to hit top speed. Because of this, even if their top speed is lacking, they can start gaining speed faster than the rest of the field. It doesn’t matter how fast your character to get if they can never build the speed to get there.

Mid Tier



Diddy Kong



These are all well-rounded characters that don’t do anything exceptional. They won’t lose you races, but they won’t win you any either. Their stats are average across the board with a few exceptions, either positive or negative. For example, Diddy has average top speed but slightly above average acceleration and turning while the opposite is true for Bumper and Conker. The vehicles make a lot of difference here.

Low Tier


Krunch just can’t compete. He has the worst acceleration and turning in the game. While his top speed is very good, it doesn’t mean much if he’s several paces behind other racers coming out of a turn and has no ability to reach his top speed fast enough to make a difference.

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