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Best Cars in Hot Wheels Unleashed 2: Turbocharged

Ideal cars for your room-sized tracks.
Image by Milestone S.r.l.

At first glance, Hot Wheels Unleashed games look like just another marketing stunt with the goal to sell more of Hot Wheels toys. However, the Hot Wheel Unleashed games are surprisingly good and fun racing games. This arcade racer offers a lot in terms of both quantity and quality.

Although the progression system in the game is quite tedious to get through, the game presents a great deal of gameplay options, tracks, and cars. That huge amount of content is going to make breaking through the ranks easier. The game really shines when you unlock some really good cars that can really put you on the map. This list contains ten of the best cars in Hot Wheels Unleashed 2: Turbocharged.

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Top 10 Cars in Hot Wheels Unleashed 2: Turbocharged

Hot Wheels sequel greatly improved on the first game, adding a lot of new content, mostly cars and tracks. Those cars are now divided into six different classes: Balanced, Heavy-Duty, Off-Road, Swift, Drifter, and Rocket. Each class of the car feels different when you drive, and different classes are suitable for different tracks. However, there are some cars that simply gain the upper hand compared to others. Here are 10 of the best cars in the game.

10. Bassline

Bassline is a Drifter, but it feels rather like a Balanced car. This car is a cheap, common-rarity vehicle, which makes it a good starting point for new players. Additionally, it is useful on all kinds of tracks. The boost has only three pips, but you can upgrade it and improve the performance.

Bassline was really useful when I started the game, because of its reliability. It didn’t cost much and it could do well on straight parts and corners alike. That’s probably the reason Bassline is a hugely popular beginner car.

9. GT Scorcher

One of the best common vehicles in the Balanced class. It is excellent for recharging the boost because it is easy to drift and has excellent speed when boosted. The fact that it has three boost pips rather than a bar and occasionally drifts too much makes it unsuitable for use in small circuits.

This car is an homage to classic muscle cars, and it definitely acts that way. It goes really fast on straight tracks, and enters the corners aggressively. Maybe too aggressively for my taste, because it tends to oversteer a bit.

8. DAVancenator

DAVancenator is a Rocket-class car that drives like a Balanced. Its speed is solid, tho nothing amazing, but it will get you through thanks to the solid handling. That handling can come in handy (pun intended) when it comes to drifting. The original livery doesn’t look really good, but this car doesn’t have lateral windows, which allows for some nice customization paint.

This is a typical representative of the Rocket class, it has amazing speed and handling but lacks in acceleration and braking power. However it has a great boost, which makes up for a bit weaker acceleration stat. And you can customize it to look really fancy.

7. Night Shifter

Night Shifter is the first representative of the Swift class. It is light, very fast, and it has great top speed. On top of that, it drifts very easily. However, it has a downside, as its high drifting ability makes it hard to control. During a drift, Night Shifter tends to turn too much on the rear step out and bump into the outer walls.

Night Shifter is very reliable car for any track, although it really shines on long straight parts. It is fast and easy to drift but that comes with a price. Sometimes you will spin out of control and lose your rank. Of course, you can avoid that if you learn how to control the car.

6. Audi Sport Quattro

The Heavy-Duty and Off-Road vehicles have a similar feel, and I personally like the Off-Road class better. The Audi Sport Quattro is quick enough to keep up with lighter classes and feels agile and manageable. For an Off-Road class, this car has great acceleration and solid four pips of boost.

This car was made after the legendary Audi rally car from the 90s. Although it doesn’t have much speed its acceleration is crazy. Additionally, it has four boost units, which makes it more than competitive with lighter and faster cars.

5. Snoopy

This legendary Swift car is an obvious homage to the Peanuts comics and cartoons. It has almost maxed-out stats for speed, acceleration, and braking power. It makes this car incredibly fast and entertaining to drive. The biggest downside is a weaker drift ability and the fact it could overturn because it’s a tall vehicle.

This car was definitely made for the nostalgia lovers. The initial idea was probably to make a gag car. However, this is the one of the most entertaining cars in the game. The stats for every category are crazy, but the cars bulk shape makes it very hard to utilize all that potential.

4. LB Super Silhouette Nissan Silvia S15

This homage to the famous S15 Silvia is a common Rocket car, but it is competitive with some legendaries when it comes to speed. Although having four boost pip isn’t ideal, it more than makes up for it with strong acceleration and excellent handling.

Another nod to a legendary competitive car, Nissan S15 Sylvia, is a tremendous common car that can go to toe with legendary vehicles in this game. S15’s acceleration and handling will save your face in front of vehicles that are a couple of classes above.

3. Ducati 1199

If you’re lucky enough to unlock Ducati at the game’s start, you’ll have yourself a really great vehicle. This motorbike is really speedy, especially when it’s boosted. Additionally, it has a great response to turning because motorcycles can lean on one side. Ducatti is unsuitable for drifting, but if you require accuracy at all times on the track, that could be a plus.

Ducati is an unusual guest among the four-wheel vehicles, but this motorbike more than makes it up for it. It is really fast and gets in the corners with ease. It will give you an edge over the competition as long as you don’t try to drift it.

2. Dragon Blaster

One of the quickest and easiest cars to drive. Because it has no significant flaws and it comes with a default boost bar, the stock version is a lot of fun to drive. Anything you throw at this car, it can handle it. Not to mention, it also has a massive style points bonus.

At the first glance this car looks like a gag car, but you shouldn’t judge the book by its cover. Even without upgrades, this car is one of the best cars in the game. The stock version has a boost bar, and almost maxed out stats for every category.

1. Back To The Future Time Machine

Finally, the legendary Delorean. The only drawback of this incredibly quick and manageable car is that it has a pip boost instead of a bar boost, but that is easily improved with upgrades. Although it is a little heavier and more difficult to set for drift, its heavy weight eventually becomes very precise and controllable.

Even if it weren’t the best car in the game by stats, I would still pick DeLorean, purely for the nostalgic value. Thankfully, this car is amazing to drive as much as it is to look at. It is a bit on a heavy side but once you get used to it, you will get the ultimate machine for the room tracks.

Those cars will give you a great advantage over the competition. For more Hot Wheels-related articles, try out All Game Modes in Hot Wheels Unleashed 2: Turbocharged.

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