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Best Bloodlines in Roblox Shindo Life

The best Bloodlines revolve around dealing big, fast damage.
Image via RELL World/Roblox

One thing I retained from watching Naruto as a kid was the concept of “kekkei genkai,” or “bloodline limits.” Basically, certainly lineages of ninjas have little quirks in their DNA that allow them to use techniques unique only to them and their families. This concept is used as one of the primary power systems in Shindo Life, and much like in Naruto, some Bloodlines are definitely more advantageous than others.

Here are some of the best Bloodlines in Shindo Life in Roblox.

Best Bloodlines in Roblox Shindo Life

In general, the best Bloodlines in Shindo Life all revolve around dealing large amounts of flat damage as quickly as possible, making them ideal for both PvP and general gameplay. Users of these Bloodlines can zip into combat, deliver punishing, wide-scale attacks, and bail before anyone even knew what hit them.

There are quite a few Bloodlines to choose from in Shindo Life, but in general, here are a few widely considered to be the best:

  • Ryuji-Kenichi
  • Raion-Gaiden
  • Shindai-Rengoku
  • Six-Paths-Narumaki
  • Alphirama-Shizen


Image via RELL World/Roblox

When you’re looking for power guaranteed to kick butt, always pick the one with a dragon in it. Not only does this Bloodline emphasize high-speed physical attacks, plus a little AoE action, but all of its techniques draw from your Stamina rather than your Chi. The techniques also come out instantly to boot. This is a Bloodline for speedy, melee combatants.


Image via RELL World/Roblox

People who win in disagreements tend to be the loudest and flashiest ones. Raion-Gaiden is both of those qualities and then some, peppering the battlefield with meteorites, black flames, and gigantic summoned spirits. When you want to ensure that your opponent is completely and utterly atomized, this is the Bloodline you want.


Image via RELL World/Roblox

Fireballs and shadow clones are two of the most enduring techniques of Naruto. If you’re a fan of those, Shindai-Rengoku will let you push them to their limit. This Bloodline emphasizes massive AoE fire attacks, as well as a counter technique that summons up gigantic empowered clones to pummel anyone who looks at you funny. This Bloodline also features a transformed state wherein your normal attacks will conjure up clones as well.


Image via RELL World/Roblox

This Bloodline is based on the Six Paths Senjutsu used by Naruto in the Boruto series. As you’d expect from a technique used by Naruto, there’s a heavy emphasis on spinning palm blasts and chi explosions, as well as summoning giant toads. Rather than flat damage, this Bloodline specializes in stunning and hampering foes, leaving them defenseless against the massive explosions you’ll detonate in their faces.


Image via RELL World/Roblox

Let this Bloodline be a reminder of who really rules the world: the trees. This Bloodline’s techniques let you conjure forth gigantic tree roots that emit black flames, toasting large swaths of enemies. Additionally, you can call up a massive wooden golem that will pummel enemies into submission before summoning even more giant roots. This is a great Bloodline for some old-fashioned crowd control.

Remember, you can set your Bloodlines by visiting the Edit menu in Shindo Life’s main menu. You can only set two Bloodlines at once to start, but you can unlock up to four slots. Imagine being able to use four of these crazy techniques at once!

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