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BedWars Update: Infected and Guided Missile Update Log

BedWars Update: Infected and Guided Missile Update Log

The latest BedWars update is now live as of Friday at 3:00 PM ET. Roblox’s number one base battle survival game has just added the Guided Missile, a new limited-time mode, some new maps, a kit nerf, and some other changes. Here’s a look at the Infected and Guided Missile BedWars update.

For players that missed it, a new kit was introduced last week. Vanessa is a ranger who can supercharge her bow to perform a triple shot. She has had her charge time slightly increased to balance things out. Additionally, the voice chat queue has been fixed. This week, players have a limited-time Infected mode to look forward to, as well as a new explosive item.

BedWars Update: Infected and Guided Missile patch notes

Here’s a look at the update log and patch notes for the BedWars Update:

Guided Missile

The Guided Missiles is a brand new item that players can purchase from the in-game item shop for 1 Emerald. The Guided Missile is disabled in Ranked mode while the developers ensure its balance for competitive play.

Infection LTM

A new limited-time mode is available this week called Infection.

New maps

  • Oil (duos and solos)
  • Arch (duos and solos)
  • Industry (infected)

Free kits of the week

  • Farmer Cletus
  • Melody
  • Archer

Other changes

  • Vanessa: increased triple shot charge time while using crossbow
  • Increased weekly mission XP
  • Removed the zipline

You can check out our other post for the full list of BedWars kits.

BedWars is a Roblox game from

NEW KIT: 🏹 Vanessa!
Super charge your bow to perform a triple shot.

🔊 Voice Chat Queue
Only players with voice chat enabled are able to join. Have fun while this lasts!

[E]: Open Inventory
[Q]: Drop item
[Ctrl]: Lock camera
[T]: Use Spray

How to play BedWars:
📡 Join the “BedWars” queue in the Lobby to find a game
🛌 Protect your base. Once it’s gone, you can no longer respawn!
💎 Gather resources to purchase items and team upgrades
🏹 Destroy enemy beds and eliminate players to win the game!

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