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BedWars Season 1 Battle Pass Update

The BedWars Season 1 Battle Pass Update is here, bringing five new kits and lots of new content for everyone to enjoy.

The Roblox Bedwars Season 1 Update is now live, bringing a new Battle Pass progression system into the game. Unlock free sprays, final kill effects, lobby titles, and even kits with this new system. There is lots of new content for free players as well, with even more for those who want to purchase the Battle Pass and try it out. Take a look at the BedWars Season 1 Battle Pass update log down below.

Five new BedWars Kits are included and unlockable through the BedWars Season 1 Battle Pass Update, including Pyro, Raven, Beekeeper, Jade, and Warrior. Additionally, there are 23 Sprays, 27 Lobby Titles, and 5 Final Kill Effects to obtain. There are now also daily and weekly missions to keep players busy, which reward Battle Pass experience. The missions reset at 3:00 PM.

BedWars Season 1 Battle Pass Update

Battle Pass

  • Use the new Battle Pass system to unlock sprays, final kill effects, lobby titles and even kits! There’s tons of content for free players and even more if you decide to purchase the Battle Pass.
  • You can progress the Battle Pass by playing games and completing missions.

5 new kits unlocked in the Battle Pass!

  • Pyro – Use your flamethrower to spray fire, making enemies brittle and taking more damage from attacks. Killing brittle enemies gives char which you can use to upgrade your flamethrower.
  • Raven – Buy ravens and fly at enemies to deliver deadly doses of poison.
  • Beekeeper – Catch bees around the map to upgrade your Bee Hive. Upgrading your Bee Hive will return additional iron and emeralds.
  • Jade (free!) – Knock people up with your giant hammer.
  • Warrior – Armor is slightly cheaper and you can buy powerful warrior armor.


  • 23 Sprays
  • 27 Lobby Titles
  • 5 Final Kill Effects
  • The new locker system lets you access your sprays, final kill effects and lobby titles. All locker content is unlocked via the Battle Pass.


  • We’ve added daily and weekly missions. Completing each mission rewards you extra Battle Pass Experience.
  • Missions reset at 3:00 PM!

Other Changes

  • Updated lobby map
  • Fixed damage sounds sometimes not playing
  • Improved Anticheat

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