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BedWars Catherine the Spirit Catcher Kit Update

BedWars Catherine the Spirit Catcher Kit Update

The new BedWars Catherine the Spirit Catcher kit update introduces a brand new kit available free of charge in the Battle Pass. BedWars’ recent update also introduces a new item called the Tesla Coil Trap, which you can use to defend your base and electrocute unsuspecting enemies. We have a full list of the Roblox BedWars patch notes for the Catherine the Spirit Catcher update down below.

BedWars September 17 update also introduced some changes to the Balloon, including removing the, increasing the max stack size, and reducing mid-air flight speed. Finally, three new free kits were introduced this week: Eldertree, Melody, and Builder.

Roblox BedWars Catherine the Spirit Catcher Update

Patch Notes and Update Log

New Kit: Catherine, the Spirit Catcher 

  • Purchase spirits from the Item Shop and place them around the map. Spirits will chase down and explode nearby enemies. 
  • Available in the FREE Battle Pass at level 45.  

New Item: Tesla Coil Trap 

  • Placeable trap that electrocutes nearby enemies. Great for base defense!  

Balloon Changes 

  • Removed balloon cooldown
  • Added max stack size of 6 (the maximum amount you can have at once)
  • Reduced mid-air flight speed 

Free Kits of the Week  

  • Eldertree  
  • Melody  
  • Builder 

Other Changes 

  • Increased weekly mission xp – Bug fixes

That’s everything you need to know about the new BedWars Catherine the Spirit Catcher Kit and all other updates this week in the popular Roblox survival game. You can check out our BedWars kits guide for a full list of kits.

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