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Basilosaurus ARK: Survival Evolved Guide – How To Tame, Abilities & More

It's like a friendly living jet ski!
Image via Studio Wildcard

When you’re playing a game like ARK: Survival Evolved, the idea of riding dinosaurs around becomes a little less wild than you’d expect. Even so, even if a dinosaur can run or fly, it can’t swim. No, if you want to explore the untamed waters, you’re gonna need an aquatic buddy on your side. Here’s what you need to know about the Basilsaurus in ARK: Survival Evolved.

Basilosaurus ARK: Survival Evolved Guide

Despite its size and mildly intimidating face, the Basilosaurus, often found in the waters around South Haven Island, is actually a pretty friendly critter. It’s passive toward humans and other non-hostile creatures, and it loves to be fed snacks. This may be because it’s also a naturally resilient creature, being completely immune to both shocks and grabs. It’s also got great insulation, protecting it (and you if you’re riding it) from extreme temperatures. While it’s not the fastest rideable marine animal, it’s got a strong body, making it great for hauling stuff long-distance.

How To Tame Basilosaurus in ARK: Survival Evolved

You’d think that that friendly disposition would make Basilosaurus easy to tame, but there’s a bit of a rub: most Basilosauruses are followed by a large pack of extremely hostile creatures like Mantas and Megalodons. If you feed a Basilosaurus a snack, it’ll produce a cloud of blood that instantly sends nearby predators into a feeding frenzy that you’ll almost definitely find yourself in the middle of.

Image via Studio Wildcard

To tame the Basilosaurus, we need to employ a bit of hit-and-run. You’re going to need a large cache of meat and a fast marine mount like the Icthyosaurus. Basilosaurus is a carnivore, so you’ll need to feed it meat or fish to tame it, preferably the good stuff like Prime Meat. When you’re ready, quickly ride up to the Basilosaurus, feed it a snack, and then get out of there when the predators swim up. You’ll need to loop around to get the predators behind you, then swim up to the Basilosaurus to feed it again.

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You need to keep a good rhythm here, as the Basilsaurus has a bit of a small attention span. It’ll take about 10 seconds for it to want more food, but if you wait too long to keep feeding it, it’ll lose interest. Once you’ve fed the Basilosaurus enough to tame it, lead it to a shore and wait for it to arrive so you can mount it. Don’t worry about any predators on your tail; once the Basilosaurus is on your side, it’ll fight them off for you.

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