How to Tame A Dung Beetle in Ark Survival Evolved

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Taming creatures is a job that is dangerous but rewarding. I bet you didn’t think that you would get to tame ancient creatures from the dinosaur era. And by that I mean dinosaurs. Well, Jurassic World will be completely overshadowed once you discover what our mortal and tiny human can do with those menacing and frightening creatures. And what more menacing than…a Dung Beetle. Here is how to tame a Dung Beetle in Ark Survival Evolved.

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How to Tame A Dung Beetle

Taming a Dung Beetle is very important, since you will really benefit from the fertilizer it will give you once you tame it. Your gardens and crops will thank you. The good news is that the Beetle is quite peaceful and harmless. The bad news is, you won’t enjoy handling the taming food. Yes, the Dung in Dung Beetle means you will need to feed him feces. Wonderful. Well, anyway, to locate the Dung Beetle, you better head to deserted areas or areas near lava, these creatures enjoy the heat and dryness.

This is going to be a passive tame, which means that you won’t be able to knock out the Dung Beetle to tame it. You will need to feed the Beetle with the less than desirable feces once and wait for them to become hungry again. Follow it and don’t lose it, specially if you are approached or attack by other creatures. Feed him again until you successfully tame the Dung Beetle.

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It might not be the most glamorous job of the bunch, but being able to ensure your crops’ life surely makes this less than ideal tame worth it. Just treat the Beetle with the care you would give the other creatures, and it will reward you with, well, fertilizer. Thank you, Beetle.

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