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Does Ark: Survival Ascended have Dedicated Servers? Answered

Will this survival game have dedicated servers?
ARK: Survival Ascended Mammoths
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As an uncompromising survival game, ARK: Survival Ascended shines most when you play with a friend or seven in a tribe. But for that, you need to learn whether ARK: Survival Ascended has dedicated servers, and we have the answer!

Will ARK: Survival Ascended Have Dedicated Servers?

In the previous game, ARK: Survival Evolved, playing on a community server instead of an official one was commonplace. More often than not, official servers were rife with cheating, glitching, and item duping, which often led to frequent resets. But a community-run server often had a tough-as-nails admin to keep players in line. So, will ARK: Survival Ascended have the same setup?

Yes! Developer Studio Wildcard has once more partnered with game server host Nitrado to offer dedicated servers in ARK: Survival Ascended. It will cost a pretty penny to run a full-size ARK server that can hold up to 200 players at once, though.

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How Dedicated Servers Work in Survival Ascended

While you cannot create a server on your own in ARK: Survival Ascended, you can purchase a dedicated server through Nitrado. As of right now, their prices are:

  • 3-Day Server: $8.69 (26 Slots)
  • 30-Day Server: $32.29 (26 Slots)
  • 90-Day Server: $87.19 (26 Slots)
  • Custom Servers (3-365 Days; 26–200 Players)

Of course, the longer you keep a server and the higher the player count, the more it costs.

But once you have a dedicated server live, it’s as easy as letting people know the server’s name and letting them connect via the in-game server browser.

For additional ARK: Survival Ascended coverage, stay tuned to Gamer Journalist as we delve into the various caverns and jungles to tame and ride the most ferocious dinosaurs on the island!

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