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ARK Genesis New Creatures


The new ARK: Survival Evolved expansion ‘Genesis’ is finally here. This is a major DLC for the game, and it released last night, on February 25th, 2020. Several new tameable creatures have been added to the game, including Ferox, Bloodstalker, Magmasaur, and more. This guide will give you an overview of each of these new creatures.

ARK Genesis New Creatures

The Bloodstalker can be found in the swamp Biome. You’ll need a lot of Blood Packs, which can be obtained from the Blood Extraction Syringe you get at level 6.

After approaching a Bloodstalker, it will harvest about 1,000 Blood Packs before you can successfully tame it. You can latch on to structures and swing around on this creature.

Magmasaur is an egg-based dino that can be found in the volcanic biome. They can act as a portable forge, so you can use them to forge metal which can be useful. You’ll need to head to an area in the volcanic biome by following purple crystals, where you’ll see a bunch of Magamsaurs and their eggs.

You can hatch the egg and get yourself a baby Magmasaur by incubating it. Once tamed, Magmasaurs will allow you to swim around and even dive into lava without getting injured.

Ferox can be found in one of the northern snowy biomes. Head over to the area where the blizzard is happening to find one. They are small creatures that will transform into feral beasts after being fed Element.

It cost 2 Element to tame and 1 Element to transform into the feral state. Place an Element in your hot-bar, walk over to it, and use it. The Ferox will transform and try to attack you.

You can then grapple up to a tree and wait a while for it to go back to its small form. Then, feed it one Element again and do the same thing and wait it out. Do this one more time, and after he gets knocked out a second time he will become tamed.

Many people are building elaborate bases to capture them, but you can simply use the tree grappling method to avoid all of that.

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