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Are We Going to See Mods for Dead Space Remake?

Are mods dead or not?
Are We Going To See Mods For Dead Space Remake
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Dead Space Remake has made a lot of fans from this 2008 sci-fi horror game happy. The old survival story is here with a fresh set of graphics, sound, and overall gameplay. It will definitely make a lot of players relive their old memories and help them immerse themselves in a modern version of their favorite game.

On the other hand, the 2008 Dead Space was famous for its mods as well so it was only natural that the players would be wondering if the Dead Space Remake is going to have those as well. Read on to find out whether mods will be available for the Dead Space Remake.

Will There Be Mods for Dead Space Remake?

Mods for the most popular games out there are a common thing and players all over the world aren’t even asking themselves if their game will get a mod instead they think about when. However, due to the way the Dead Space Remake was made, the answer to that question isn’t so simple.

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Dead Space Remake was built on the Frostbite engine that doesn’t support mods. But, that doesn’t mean that mods are impossible. As some players from the Dead Space community have noticed it is possible that certain model-changing mods will be created as some other games developed on Frostbite have mods.

Still, the limitations that Frostbite puts on modding make it much harder to create a great-looking and high-quality mode. When an engine is mod friendly and encourages the creation of different mods, more developers are motivated to give it a try and that results in a game rich with various new skins, missions, weapons, etc.

We hope this article helped you understand the mods for Dead Space Remake. If you want to read more on Dead Space see our articles about whether you should get Dead Space for PC or PS5 and how to hide disturbing scenes while playing the game. Follow Gamer Journalist on Facebook and get a lot more articles just like this one.

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