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How to get Passives in Anime Fighters Simulator

How to get Passives in Anime Fighters Simulator

Anime Fighters Update 9 introduces new passive mechanics that you can check out at the Reroll Machine. Passive can vary in rarity, and some can prove to be very strong and complement your team, allowing you to dish out a lot more damage. You’ll need a few things to get passives, but we’ll explain everything you need to know below. Here’s how to get passives in Anime Fighters Simulator.

The Anime Fighters passive machine is a new place located in Hero Academy. Your fighters can now have passive abilities on them, which can drastically boost or lower their performance. There are many passives available, and some passives have three different tiers available. The best passives are quite rare, so it may take you many shards or Robux to get the best ones.

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How to get Passives in Anime Fighters Simulator

To get Passives in Anime Fighters Simulator:

  1. Travel to Hero Academy
  2. Interact with the Passive Machine
  3. Select a fighter and Shards
  4. Choose Shard Reroll or Robux Reroll

The Passive Reroll machine is found in Hero Academy, in the starting area. You can interact with the machine to get started. The machine requires one fighter and two shards from its world. If you do not have the proper number of shards, you can also pay Rebux to reroll its passives. When you roll the passives, it randomly chooses one from the list and applies it to your fighter.

The fighter you wish to roll passives on cannot be equipped. So, if you are unable to select a fighter, make sure it is not active on your team. You can pull up your inventory and unequip them while you attempt to roll some good passives. Also, you cannot roll passives on Special characters you purchase for Robux.

All fighters that have passives are denoted by an icon on the top left of their portrait. You can also reroll the passives if you get one you do not like. Some can actually have negative effects on your fighter, like the Dumb passive, which makes it cost more XP to level.

Below you can find a full list of passives currently available in the game.

All Anime Fighters Passives:

  • Blessing (Mythic) – Fighters is blessed by the gods. (more damage and speed)
  • Solid Gold (Mythic) – Fighter sells for much more money.
  • Collector – Fighter increases chance of drops in Time Trials.
  • Dumb – Fighters costs more XP to level.
  • Genius – Fighters level up faster.
  • Giant – The fighter is a giant!
  • Rich – When you equip this fighter, you can more Yen.
  • Slow – Fighter moves at a slower speed.
  • Speedy – Fighter moves at 3x speed.
  • Strong – Fighter does more damage.
  • Tactical – Fighter does more damage to bosses.
  • Tank – Fighter moves slow but does high damage
  • Tiny – The fighter is absolutely tiny!
  • Weak – Fighter does 20% less damage.

Each passive can have three possible tiers, which increases its corresponding effects. For example, Rank 1 Genius makes a fighter level up 15% faster, rank 2 grants 30%, and rank 3 grants 50%.

That’s all you need to know about how to get passives in Anime Fighters Simulator. Stay tuned as we update this section with more details.

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