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All Virginia and Kelvin Outfit Locations and How to Give Clothes to Companions in Sons of the Forest

Every apocalypse is a runway
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In Sons of the Forest, players get the opportunity to play dress up with their Companions as you fight for survival against the Cannibals and Mutants. Many clothing items can be found throughout your exploration on the Island, from past survivor’s luggage, to airplane luggage and garments previously owned by staff of Puffton Industries. Once found, you can give these items to your Companions to wear as a means of either “improving” their style or to protect them from harsher weather conditions. Whilst Kelvin can be wrapped up warm for the inevitable shift to Winter, Virginia remains in dresses, leaving her legs and arms free to the Island’s wrath. This is our guide on where to find all Sons of the Forest Outfits and how to give these items to your Companions to wear.

All Sons of the Forest Outfits Locations for Virginia

As Sons of the Forest is currently in Early Access more Outfits are likely going to be added as development goes on to keep the game fresh (from an aesthetic POV). When searching for Virginia Outfits, you need to head to the furthest point north-west on the Island. The majority of the Sons of the Forest outfits can be found here. These are always amongst other structures on the Map, such as vehicles and shelters. Refer to both the summaries and locations below for each Outfit that you can obtain in the Early Access release of Sons of the Forest.

Leather Suit

The Leather Suit can be obtained just north from the large Lake on the north-west side of the Map. You will find a broken-down and rusted over Helicopter which is years out of commission. Luggage can be found in and around the vehicle, where the pilot and the passengers had no time to scavenge for supplies for their ride was ruined from a crash. Skeletal bones remain inside and upon a quick exploration, you will find the incredibly intact and stunning red jacket ready at your disposal for use on Virginia to model. Being the perfect color for Virginia to wear as she massacres Cannibals and Mutants who cross her path.

Image via Endnight Games

Camouflage Suit

The Camouflage Suit can be found at the very top of the Island, on the far north-west side. Unlike the screenshot below suggests, the Outfit can indeed be found along the northern edge of the Island. So head to the Beach where you will find a stranded Kayak. An inviting opportunity to leave the Island, with few supplies around as if the person who previously owned it was ready to leave themselves. With food and gear to survive the waters, perhaps the Golden Cube cycle came too fast for this survivor however. The Camouflage Suit can be found inside the Kayak.

Image via Endnight Games

Flower Dress

The Flower Dress is one of the few Sons of the Forest Outfits that require you to gain the Maintenance Keycard to access the specific area where these Outfits can be obtained inside the Bunker. For those who do not have this Keycard however it is easily obtainable. Firstly, you must head to the area on the Map that is highlighted below.

Image via Endnight Games

The area you need to get to is found incredibly close to the starting area of Sons of the Forest. At this location, equipment can be seen such as cameras and a cart type Vehicle. You will need the Shovel here to dig between the two cameras where you will expose a Hatch. Head to the bottom of the Bunker and to its end, following the music. The Maintenance Keycard can be found on the desk where the 3D Printer is located.

With the Maintenance Keycard found, head to the exact location pinpointed on the screenshot below for the Caves you must enter. This will take you to a Food & Drinks Bunker where you need to use the Keycard to access the Crop rooms. Continue on through until you find a staircase leading further down into the Bunker. This will take you into a flooded area. Keep following the Fire Exit doors throughout this route. Eventually, you will find a hallway leading up where you can emerge from the water. From here, you can pick up Virginia’s Keycard from the Computer Desk.

Image via Endnight Games

Head back into the flooded area but immediately turn left towards a staircase with double-doors at the end of the hallway. In this massive Lounge area, head to the right-side of the room, towards the couches lining the walls. Virginia’s Dress can be found here.

Track Suit and Satin Pajamas

Both the Track Suit and Satin Pajamas can be found within the same Bunker, as seen in the screenshot below for its entry point. Unlike finding Virginia’s Dress, these Sons of the Forest Outfits are in a Bunker easily accessible via the Caves so long as you have the Maintenance Keycard (guide above). Turn left and then right as you follow the passageway through to the other side. You will see double-doors on the right after passing three chairs. The Keycard is needed here to access the area. Head past all of the gym equipment and turn left. At this next section, head to the bench press on the right-hand side, middle column on the right aisle. The Track Suit can be found on top on the bench press.

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To find the Satin Pajamas, continue past the Gym after locating the Track Suit. This will take you to the Receptionist Desk. Head right, going into the small Spa/Bathing area with Tubs and turn left when you are inside. On the shelving unit in the left corner the Satin Pajamas can be obtained. For a general overview and location guide, refer to the image below for each Outfit location on the Island Map.

Image via Endnight Games/ Gamer Journalist

All Sons of the Forest Outfit Locations for Kelvin

Tuxedo Suit

The dashing white Tuxedo can be found in the Maintenance A Bunker where you will have obtained the Maintenance Keycard to access other Bunkers, key to obtaining more Sons of the Forest Outfits. Refer to the guide above on where to get the Keycard. But the exact location of the Maintenance A Hatch can be viewed in the screenshot below. Remember that you need the Shovel to locate it. Once inside, head to the very end room of the Bunker, specifically inside the Bathroom. The Tuxedo Suit can be found on the stand in the corner of the room, behind the Tub.

Image via Endnight Games


The Hoodie can be picked up inside a Cannibal Tribe Camp close to the body of water highlighted in the screenshot below. It can be found on the first Tent on the left from the pool of water. Just look out for the lovely novelty ribcage dangling above it as a clear sign of how you should be wearing the Hoodie. Perhaps it is a sign to not touch it as this is all that is left as the remains of the previous owner. It is nice to know that the Cannibals keep the clothes intact however, although it would be even nicer if they dressed up every once in a while.

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The final Outfit to find in Sons of the Forest is the Blazer for Kelvin. Head to the exact location highlighted in the screenshot below. In this area you will find a ditch filled with coffins, lovely. As this is an incredibly heart-warming moment of looting skeletons, head to the central coffin where a neatly folded and once again, somehow incredibly intact Blazer can be found here.

Image via Endnight Games

How to Give Kelvin and Virginia Clothes in Sons of the Forest

You can easily change both Companion’s Outfits by interacting with Kelvin and Virginia. To put or change Outfits on Virginia, simply go up to her and interact, this will bring up the inventory to give her an item. This will include Weapons or Clothing Items. You can select the Outfit from here to immediately dress the Companion. When changing Outfits for Kelvin, select Give Item on the Notepad and select the Outfit you wish to put him in. Both Companions can wear the Leather Suit and Satin Pajamas, we love to see that inclusivity.

Whilst there are other Outfits available in the game, with more likely to be added as the game continues its development, these are the locations of all Sons of the Forest Outfits that can be obtained early in the game. Other Pajamas for your Companions are found towards the end of the game. But this article will be updated should more Outfits be found in Sons of the Forest. For now, enjoy getting Virginia ready for a Bedtime Story and sending Kelvin to Prom. I hear he is taking Karen the Mutant out.

We hope this location guide was helpful for those looking to find all Sons of the Forest outfits for Kelvin and Virginia. Thank you for reading this article. Looking for more Sons of the Forest content? We have so much more on offer at Gamer Journalist for those interested.

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