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All Spirit Locations In the Hidden Forest in Sky: Children Of The Light

Find them all.

Sky: Children Of The Light is an open-world social indie game that picked up many players’ sympathy. Flying through a once-famous kingdom, surfing through different realms, and exploring new areas will include a lot of social and investigative game elements.

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One of the investigative elements players have been having the most trouble with is Spirit locations in the Hidden Forest. In this article, we will present all Spirit locations and help you progress through the game.

Spirit Locations in Hidden Forest

Finding Spirits is necessary to progress in new Realms and advance further into the game. There are eight Spirits in Hidden Forest and here’s how you can find all of them.

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Shivering Trailblazer

Once you pass the first stonegate and enter the Forest Clearing area, take a look to your left and you should be able to see something glimmering in the distance under a canopy. That’s the Shivering Trailblazer Spirit. Approach it and relive its memory.

Blushing Prospector

Enter the Forest’s Brook area and fly over to the left until you see a small temple and an Ancestral Spirit next to it. Here you will find Blushing Prospector.

Hide ‘N’ Seek Pioneer

Before you approach the bridge in Forest’s Brook there will be a big tree on the right side of it. Just before the tree, you will see fungus and a tunnel underneath it. Follow the tunnel to your right, fight the Dark Crabs protecting the Spirit, and in the end, you’ll be able to approach Hide ‘N’ Seek Pioneer.

Pouty Porter

Go to the Forest’s Brook bridge again, and look at its left side. You will notice a cave, and right at the entrance of it, you will find the Pouty Porter.

Dismayed Hunter

Upon entering the Tree Tunnels area, look to your right and you will see Dismayed Hunter sitting under a rock.

Apologetic Lumberjack

When you go to the big pipe in the Tree Tunnels area, look to the left. You should see a huge tree stomp with fungi on it. Approach the stomp, look around it and you will find Apologetic Lumberjack sitting underneath a big fungus.

Whale Whisperer

In the Boneyard area, look for a building with no open sides and a giant skeleton next to it. Approach the skeleton and burn the dark plants that cover it. Once you complete this you will receive the call and Whale Whisperer will appear.

Tearful Light Miner

Fly over half a dozen small temples in the Boneyard area and look for a big tree with a broken bridge next to it. Approach the temple nearby and look for an opening in the ground. Once you enter the underground cave, you will see the Tearful Light Miner.

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