All Rogues/Characters in Rogue Company
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All Rogues/Characters in Rogue Company

Every Rogue Company character has their own distinct perks and abilities.
Rogue Company artwork
Image via First Watch Games

In total, there are 25 Rogues/characters in Rogue Company right now, with more set to arrive in the future. Each of which falls into one of six different classes; Breachers, Defenders, Duelists, Intels, Snipers and Supports.

Every class has its own advantages and disadvantages. With each playing a certain role in the game. For example, Defenders are primarily focused on securing objective locations and slowing down enemy advances. While the Support class is designed to provide combat assistance for their teammates.

Without further ado, here are all of the Rogues/characters in Rogue Company as well as their respective class, perks and abilities.

All Rogues/Characters in Rogue Company


NameGenderPrimary AbilityPassive AbilityPerks
DimaMaleMIRV LauncherBurnedBerserker, Resupply, Armor, Stalker, Shredder Rounds, Bounce Back, Energized, Blaster
Gl1tchMaleHackIntuitionNimble Hands, Tracker Rounds, Energized, Tenacity, Padded Steps, Armor, Bounce Back, Gunsmith
SigridFemaleBallistic ShieldAthleticNimble Hands, Blaster, Lifeline, Shredder Rounds, Tenacity, Energized, Bulletproof, Life Drain
SwitchbladeFemaleChaos LauncherFight and FlightBerserker, Volatile, Life Drain, Stalker, Gunsmith, Bulletproof, Blaster, Restock


NameGenderPrimary AbilityPassive AbilityPerks
AnvilMaleBarricadeImmunityBerserker, Gunsmith, Lifeline, Tenacity, Replenish, Life Drain, Bulletproof, Armor
CannonMaleGattling GunConflict Connoisseur]Shredder Rounds, Energized, Helping Hand, Evade, Bulletproof, Armor, Tenacity, Lifeline
JukeFemaleLaser Defense DroneJuke BootsNimble Hands, Life Drain, Resupply, Stalker, Gunsmith, Bounce Back, Energized, Bulletproof
MackMaleLightbombStandard IssueBerserker, Blaster, Armor, Stalker, Gunsmith, Bounce Back, Crackshot, Restock
TrenchMaleBarbed Wire Grenade Gadget UpStalker, Tracker Rounds, Resupply, Quick Hands, Helping Hand, Volatile, Energized, Armor
VyFemaleVile PoisonLeeching RoundsTenacity, Tracker Rounds, Resupply, Bounce Back, Replenish, Energized, Bulletproof, Volatile

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NameGenderPrimary AbilityPassive AbilityPerks
ChaacMaleRageGritBerserker, Shredder Rounds, Resupply, Stalker, Replenish, Life Drain, Energized, Tenacity
KestrelFemaleHalo DronesLegend’s ContractEvade, Resupply, Life Drain, Stalker, Quick Hands, Blaster, Energized, Shredder Rounds
LancerFemaleQuick and QuietElusiveStalker, Shredder Rounds, Resupply, Bounce Back, Energized, Padded Steps, Gun Smith, Life Drain
RoninFemaleBallistic KnifeUndergroundStalker, Tenacity, Energized, Nimble Hands, Gunsmith, Blaster, Shredder Rounds, Bounce Back
ScorchFemaleOverheatFireproofGunsmith, Shredder Rounds, Energized, Quick Hands, Volatile, Armor, Bounce Back, Tenacity
UmbraMalea-RC-nidSiphonStalker, Hunter, Blaster, Replenish, Padded Steps, Life Drain, Gunsmith, Crackshot


NameGenderPrimary AbilityPassive AbilityPerks
DallasMaleTarget FinderRechargeStalker, Shredder Rounds, Armor, Quick Hands, Bounce Back, Gunsmith, Spotter, Crackshot
GlimpseFemaleCamouflage SleightyStalker, Hunter, Tracker Rounds, Evade, Shredder Rounds, Padded Steps, Life Drain, Restock
SeekerMaleArrow ScannerRicochetBerserker, Stalker, Armor, Nimble Hands, Lifeline, Life Drain, Tracker Rounds, Crackshot
TalonMaleRadar DartMag GlovesHunter, Shredder Rounds, Armor, Nimble Hands, Padded Steps, Lifeline, Tenacity, Crackshot


NameGenderPrimary AbilityPassive AbilityPerks
PhantomFemaleNano SmokeGrievous WoundsNimble Hands, Gunsmith, Helping Hand, Stalker, Tracker Rounds, Crackshot, Shredder Rounds, Life Drain
The FixerMaleThermal VisionShrapnel RoundsBerserker, Resupply, Armor, Stalker, Energized, Padded Steps, Gunsmith, Crackshot


NameGenderPrimary AbilityPassive AbilityPerks
DahliaFemaleDanger CloseBuddy SystemShredder Rounds, Crackshot, Blaster, Tenacity, Replenish, Energized, Bounce Back, Lifeline
RunwayFemaleSupply on DemandFully LoadedEvade, Blaster, Armor, Stalker, Quick Hands, Helping Hands, Gunsmith, Energized
SaintMaleRevive DroneMedical ExpertiseResupply, Bounce Back, Lifeline, Tracker Rounds, Crackshot, Armor, Helping Hand, Energized

That’s everything you need to know about all of the Rogues/characters in Rogue Company. Be sure to check out some of our other Rogue-Company themed content here at Gamer Journalist. Such as the announcement of Glimpse arriving in Rogue Company. As well as our dedicated guides section for more information on other popular gaming titles.

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