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All Recipes and Ingredients Locations in Above Snakes

Cook and craft to your hearts content, provided you have the necessary lumber of course.
All Recipes and Ingredients Locations in Above Snakes featured image
Image via Square Glade Games / Crytivo

Above Snakes places players into an all new open world experience. Taking on the role of a woman who awakes in an abandoned settlement, your job is to craft, build, and survive by any means necessary. While there is all manner of enemies for players to fight, a large portion of the game can be very relaxing. Along with building your very own home, players can collect ingredients in order to craft things through recipes. Most of them will yield cooked meals for you to eat, but others can help when gardening. So let’s kick back and take a look at all recipes and ingredients locations in Above Snakes.

All Recipes and Ingredients Locations in Above Snakes

All Recipes and Ingredients Locations in Above Snakes house
Image via Square Glade Games / Crytivo

Recipes will be available for you to use at any time in the game. The important things to obtain, will be the ingredients. There are a total of 22 ingredients, with a few of them requiring you to convert other ingredients via recipes. We’re going to start by looking at the ingredients and where you can find them throughout the world.

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All Ingredients and Locations in Above Snakes

  • Dirty Water – Water Tiles
  • Water – Sold by merchants / obtained through recipe
  • Fish Meat – Obtained from fishing / sold by Mr. Crood
  • Meat (Raw) – Tiles with animals
  • Bones – Tiles with zombies / Sold by Desert Merchant
  • Huckleberry – Obtained from the Plains
  • Coffee Beans Raw – Obtained from the Plains
  • Coffee Beans Roasted – Obtained from recipe
  • King Bolete – Obtained from Pine/Birch Forest
  • Honey – Obtained by chopping down trees with beehives in the Pine/Birch Forest
  • Vanilla Flower – Obtained from the Prairie
  • Wild Carrot – Obtained from the Prairie
  • Wild Mint – Obtained from the Prairie
  • Thistle – Can be found in the Kacheda Village
  • Winterberry – Obtained from the Snow-Covered Forest
  • Corn – Obtained from the Cornfield
  • Wheat – Obtained from the Grainfield
  • Pumpkin – Obtained from either the Cornfield and/or Grainfield
  • Flour – Obtained via recipe / sold by Desert Merchant and Corpse Creek Merchant
  • Desert Sage – Obtained from Canyons
  • Jalapeno – Sold by Desert Merchant and Corpse Creek Merchant
  • Clay – Progress until you unlock the Farmland Biome and it can be found there

All Recipes in Above Snakes

In order to start crafting meals and items from ingredients, you’ll need to find a cooking pot. Once you’ve found one, you’ll need to supply it with lumber in order to get it to work. Think of it like a furnace from Minecraft and you need coal (lumber in our case) to power the device.

  • Bread – Recipe = 3x Flour (Thirst -5, Hunger +30)
  • Carrot Soup – Recipe = 2x Wild Carrots, Water (Hunger +35)
  • Coffee – Recipe = 2x Coffee Beans Roasted, Water (Thirst +5, Fatigue +15)
  • Coffee Beans Roasted – Recipe = Coffee Beans Raw
  • Cornbread – Recipe = 3x Corn (Thirst -5, Hunger +30)
  • Fertilizer – Recipe = 3x Bones
  • Flour – Recipe = 3x Wheat
  • Grilled Fish – Recipe = Fish Meat (Hunger +15, Health +10)
  • Grilled Fish Skewer – Recipe = 3x Fish Meat (Hunger +50, Health +35)
  • Huckleberry Bowl – Recipe = 3x Huckleberry (Hunger +25, Thirst +10)
  • Huckleberry Tart – Recipe = Flour + 2x Huckleberry (Thirst -10, Hunger +30)
  • Meat – Recipe = Raw Meat (Hunger +20)
  • Meat Pie – Recipe = Flour + 2x Raw Meat (Hunger +20, Thirst -5, Sanity +10)
  • Meat Skewer – Recipe = 3x Raw Meat (Hunger +65)
  • Mint Tea – Recipe = Water, 2x Wild Mint (Thirst +10, Fatigue +20, Sanity +5)
  • Mint Tea Smooth – Recipe = 2x Water, Wild Mint (Thirst +10, Fatigue +10, Sanity +10)
  • Mushroom Soup – Recipe = 2x King Bolete, Water (Thirst +20, Hunger +20, Sanity +20)
  • Popcorn– Recipe = 3x Corn (Thirst -5, Hunger +20)
  • Pound Cake – Recipe = Flour + 2x Vanilla Flower (Hunger +30, Thirst -5, Health
  • +5)
  • Pumpkin Bread – Recipe = Flour + 2x Pumpkin (Thirst -10, Hunger +35)
  • Spicy Meat – Recipe = Jalapeno Pepper + Meat (raw) (Hunger +20, Fatigue +10)
  • Syrup – Recipe = Honey, Vanilla Flower (Thirst -30, Fatigue +20, Health +20)
  • Thistle Tea – Recipe = 2x Thistle + Water (Thirst +10, Health +20)
  • Water – Recipe = Dirty Water (Thirst +35)
  • Weak Coffee – Recipe = Coffee Beans Roasted + 2x Water (Thirst +10, Fatigue +7)
  • Weak Mint Tea – Recipe = 2x Water, Wild Mint (Thirst +15, Fatigue +10)
  • Weak Thistle Tea – Recipe = Thistle + 2x Water (Thirst +15, Health +10)
  • Winterberry Muffin – Recipe = Flour + Winterberry (Thirst -5, Hunger +15)
  • Winterberry Tart – Recipe = Flour + 2x Winterberry (Thirst -10, Hunger +30)

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