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All New Super Moves & Characters in Them’s Fightin’ Herds

Every character has received a fully cinematic super move.
Image via Mane6/Modus Games

Mane6’s Them’s Fightin’ Herds is the premier quadruped fighting game experience, which has a much larger audience than you’d expect. The game has been carefully crafted over the years with input from the fighting game community, with the release of its version 3.0 update, has reached a new milestone in fighting game excellence: level 3 super moves. Here are all of the new super moves in Them’s Fightin’ Herds.

All New Super Moves & Characters in Them’s Fightin’ Herds

With the release of version 3.0, every character on Them’s Fightin’ Herds’ roster has received a fully cinematic level 3 super move, the kind of flashy attack you’d see in something like Marvel vs. Capcom or Street Fighter. Additionally, the game’s lone paid DLC character, Shanty the goat, has been permanently added to the game’s base roster. Anyone who did not purchase her originally can now add her to the game for free.

Now, let’s get into those new level 3s:

Arizona’s Texas Throwdown

Arizona delivers a powerful sweeping uppercut. If it connects, the opponent is knocked into the air, where they’re captured by Arizona’s lasso and pounded into the ground. After a bit of that, Arizona will leap into the air and drive them down one last time with a spinning flourish.

Paprika’s Deadly Affection and Embrace

On input, Paprika will attempt to do a backflip, only to fall flat on her face. She’ll then take on an aggressive stance where you can move her around the ground of the stage. Attacking again will cause her to lunge forward in a grab attack. If it connects, she’ll sweep the opponent up into a spine-shattering hug.

Velvet’s Sculpted Perfection

Velvet launches a small volley of icicles right in front of her. If they connect, the opponent will be encased in ice, allowing Velvet to sculpt them into some lovely ice art. If the opponent isn’t KO’d by the initial attack, Velvet will follow up with a tantrum-powered back-kick.

Image via Mane6/Modus Games

Tianhuo’s Flames of Huoshan

Tianhuo launches diagonally upward in an anti-air tackle. If it connects, she’ll follow up with an uppercut to launch the opponent higher, then finish them off with a fiery dashing kick combo a la Maximum Spider.

Oleander’s Dark Cataclysm

Oleander lets loose a spark of dark magic that covers the ground around her and her immediate proximity. If it connects, the opponent will be dragged into Fred’s dark dimension and crushed by his gigantic claws, all while Oleander quietly watches.

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Pom’s Puppy Pummel

Pom’s puppy begins barking at the opponent right in front of her, setting up a counter. If the puppy is attacked, Pom will fly into a berserker rage, immediately grabbing the opponent and delivering an invisible barrage of powerful blows, Shun Goku Satsu-style. Don’t worry, the puppy’s fine.

Shanty’s Durian Drop

Shanty leaps at the opponent in a short-range tackle. If it connects, she’ll spin onto their back and prepare to attack, only to be interrupted by the arrival of a band of pirates in the distance out for her head. The pirates will pepper the stage’s ground with cannon fire as Shanty runs away, before ending with a gigantic durian bomb.

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