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All Map Layouts in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Will you be able to escape the basement?
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The craze of being chased by monsters, serial killers, and zombies has reached an all-time high with Dead by Daylight (DBD), Friday the 13th, and now the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. In this survival horror, the goal is simple – make it out of Leatherface’s lair alive. However, much like DBD, players get the opportunity to be part of the scare. Play as Leatherface and others, bringing your friends’ worst nightmares into the spotlight as their hours become heavily numbered in the starting hanging position on every map. Speaking of maps, with a total of 3 to play on, this short but sweet experience is one that requires a ton of replaying to master the layout, to outwit the enemies, and come up with an easy escape strategy to get out of the twisted area alive.

With the Family House, Gas Station, and Slaughterhouse within your grasp, each house their own ways of escape that you will need to quickly understand before you can even attempt to find the exit. This is Vincent’s guide on everything you need to know for each map in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (TCM). This will include where to find Grandpa (a key antagonist of TCM), generator, fuse, and well locations, alongside our tips and tricks on how to successfully make it out of this prison alive as a TCM survivor.

All Maps in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

In the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, horror takes place both in the dead of night where no one is around to hear you scream, and inside broad daylight where the complex layout of the map can leave you in a state of panic and lead you directly into the arms of the killers. For first-timers, the maps are purposely made confusing so that you are more likely to make mistakes.

Each map has multiple levels (Basement, Ground Floor, and First Floor) where every game begins with the survivors hanging upside down. It is important to note that the survivor you pick has important and unique skills that can massively help you during your escape. Stealth is crucial to your escape, but some survivors offer abilities such as ramming into the killers to temporarily stun them (Leland), seeing the killers through walls (Sonny), or fast-action unlocking of doors (Connie).

Each map has a focus on finding your escape route via the use of Fuses, Valves, and Generators. In the midst of all this, the killers often have to complete tasks such as breaking down obstacles for easy passage to get from point A to B when chasing a victim, to gathering Blood to feed Grandpa for upgrades. It is important to note as there are only 3 maps in TCM, that this may change in the future and include updates towards the spawns of items such as Fuses and Valves which may make your escape a little harder.

The map layouts below will offer the key POIs (points of interest) you will need to know about when you enter into the map. What we have not outlined however is where to find resources such as Health, Bone Scraps, and Unlock Tools due to the map becoming too congested if all of this was placed on a single part of the map. However, we will get into our tips and tricks on how to survive on each map for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. So let’s dive in.

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Family House: Map Guide

Image via Map Genie/Gamer Journalist

A great map to start on is Family House for it has everything you need to get the fundamentals of how TCM works. You will start in the Basement as always where you and your friends may be split up. It is often seen that you are divided into 2 pairs.

The Basement is filled with crawlspaces and barricades which you will need to destroy in order to get through. All survivors are able to use gaps in the layout where Leatherface cannot squeeze through. It is crucial to remember that Sissy and Johnny can easily bypass gaps and crawlspaces so when you are running from these enemies, you will want to confuse them by cutting through corners and using obstacles to your advantage.

Next, there are Bone Scrap, Health, and Unlock Tools all over the Basement. This is where you should primarily check when looking for these items. However, these have a limited spawn rate and because of this, if you get hit too much, you may find yourself running completely out of heals. So be careful and ration these tools out so that everyone gets an equal share. Divide your team into stealth, baiters, and unlockers. You want someone to lure the enemies away from your team who are completing tasks to escape. This can lower the amount of time it takes you to escape, just be sure to look out for the player who is luring the enemies away.

Image via Map Genie/Gamer Journalist

When you escape from the Basement, the true test of survival begins. The Family House itself is much harder to get away from enemies, especially due to the open grounds where you are easily spotted. There are bushes and greenery that you should hide in or utilize the cover of the surrounding cars to remove LOS (line of sight) from Leatherface and co. When you are outside, you will find that the enemy can catch you quickly if you are spotted due to your limited stamina. Because of this, make sure that you only run if you are spotted and head straight to the Well locations noted above. You should only run outside when you know that the exits are open after finding the Valve, and Fuses, or when using the Generator.

Image via Map Genie/Gamer Journalist

We highly recommend that you avoid the First Floor at all costs unless you are looking for the Valves. Our reasoning for this is that this area of the map acts as a dead end to those being chased. You are cutting into your time to escape by going up here unless finding the Valve is on your agenda. If a Valve is not needed or you already found one, leave the First Floor well alone and use the Wells or cover outside the House to evade the killers.

Gas Station: Map Guide

Image via Map Genie/Gamer Journalist

Next up is the Gas Station. A great way to escape from the Basement is to get into the Storage Shed from the get-go. You will need to unlock a bunch of doors along your way so Unlock Tools are essential to executing your escape.

The Generator can be found on the backside of the Gas Station grounds where there are multiple entrances available to unlock and get through. This map is a mix of Family House and Slaughterhouse. You will have highly claustrophobic space inside the Basement and the interior of the Storage Shed and House. But the best way to escape this map is to full send (go all-in) the Shed and exit out of the back, grabbing the Unlock Tools and using this to get to the east, or backside of the Gas Station.

Speed is essential here and getting to the backside will allow you to access the Generator and use this to escape along the main road. The other exits are shown around the perimeter of the map where the Valves can be found more in the centre of the Gas Station. You may find yourself more on display using this route but if you have teammates around, they can lure away the attention for you to get the Valve and use the Tank to escape via one of the perimeter exits.

Image via Map Genie/Gamer Journalist

The Gas Station is quite a straightforward layout compared to the other maps. On your hunt to find the Generator or Valves, you should use the Wells and Ladders to get in and out of the Basement for a quick getaway.

We recommend using the Basement to escape from any killers due to the more open layout of the Ground Floor. Once again, Healing Items and other resources are primarily found inside the Basement so be sure to stock up here and make note of where any Health can be found. It’s best to use Unlock Tools and Bone Scrap, to begin with, and to note where the closest Health Item can be found should you enter the Basement to evade and gain some health back. Unlock Tools are incredibly important in this game and should be prioritized as you only have 2 Item Slots.

Slaughterhouse: Map Guide

Image via Map Genie/Gamer Journalist

Finally, the Slaughterhouse asks you to once again exit the Basement and use the Generator to escape. This map has an incredibly confusing layout for those just getting started in this game. If you are playing on the daylight version, you may find yourself getting spotted far easier, or from the multiple buildings and entrances into the Basement, you could get ambushed mid-escape. Because of this, stealth is actually the hardest to achieve on this map.

Unlike other maps, Grandpa can spawn in 4 separate locations on this map (one of which is located on the First Floor which we have not shown). Similar to Family House, you will want to avoid the First Floor at all costs. Be sure to memorize where the Wells are located for a quick escape from the killers. You may find yourself in and out of the Basement because of this.

Once you escape the Basement, focus your attention on unlocking as much as you can so that when you are being chased, you are able to freely run around and use the crawlspaces to your advantage to escape. Similar to Family House, the majority of important resources can be found in the Basement (Health and Unlock Tools) but the search for Bone Scrap is best completed on the Ground Floor. For stealth, we highly recommend sticking to the interior of the Basement when attempting to complete any tasks. Again, designate someone to lure away the enemies on the First Floor but be mindful that because of this map’s layout, you can easily be caught from another angle from the large amount of entrances into the surrounding POIs.

Image via Sumo Digital/ Gamer Journalist

The layout of the Basement is a little more complicated than others but offers a ton of opportunities to successfully hide from enemies after using the Well to evade the initial attack. Use the corridors to your advantage and hug the walls to dodge and dive into adjacent rooms and avoid getting hit. Be sure however that you do not get lost and remember where the exits are to get back to the upper floor and continue your escape mission.

If you are new to TCM and are looking for more content, be sure to check out our Yellow Indicator and Blood Harvesting guides for those serial killers out there on a killing spree. We hope this helped our survivors get out of Leatherface’s grasp. Be sure to keep your eyes on Gamer Journalist for future coverage of the latest horror games, or follow us on Facebook. Thanks for reading.

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