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All Hidden Records in Killer Frequency – Location Guide

Hey DJ play that sweet track with the killer instinct title
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Of all the decades, the 80s is a straight vibe. Their music at the time is probably the best that has ever existed. With films and tv shows being about a whole lot of nothing and yet always being strangely good? Like The Breakfast Club, Stand by Me, Dirty Dancing, Pretty in Pink and so many more. I mean, what even were these films about? The music featuring a synthesizer and the aesthetic of bright colors and disco funk is prevalent in a lot of media today, a strange addiction to a time that fans of the decade were not even alive to experience. With prime examples being Stranger Things. Killer Frequency follows that iconic slasher as seen from the classics (Scream, Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween) but this time, it is literally set in the 80s. You get to play the soundtrack to your story as Forrest Nash, radio host of 189.16 – The Scream. This is Vincent’s guide on where to find all Records in Killer Frequency.

All Records Locations in Killer Frequency

There are a lot of secrets inside Killer Frequency. From finding all of Clive’s notes and recordings of the truth behind the Whistling Man, to playing all comical ads in between the callers begging for their life to be saved from the killer. There are 4 hidden Records around the KFAM Studio which by finding them all you will not only have more options to play from your collection as the show airs all night but, you will unlock the ‘Complete Discography’ Achievement for the game. The Records themselves have incredibly ominous titles that feel rather pointed towards the callers and Forrest. Adding the hidden Records to your collection of dodgy titles, these are the locations of the 4 hidden Records you can find in Killer Frequency.

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  • Final Breath by Roddy Snatcher – Located in the cabinet underneath the Receptionist Desk.
  • I’m Coming to Getcha by Vice – On the floating shelf with folders, next to the couch in the Kitchen/ Living Area (Coffee Mug door). Requires the Staff Room Key to unlock the door behind the Receptionist Desk.
  • One Last Goodbye by Caged Tiger – Go to the Filing Room of the Basement, you will need to crouch under a doorway to get through. The Record can be found in the second drawer in the Office Desk when you are collecting Clive’s Audio Recordings. Desk is located behind the Filing Cabinets. Has Creepy Hour and Truw Truck Magazines on top.
  • Long Ride Home by Barn Finds (Dawn’s Request) – Located in the dodgy alley beside the KFAM Building. This is found when you are completing Dawn’s Request, after turning left from the fire exit door. Instead of turning left for the Breaker, follow the path forward to the dead-end where there is a couch and a mattress. The Record is on top of the mattress.

That was our guide on where to find the 4 hidden Records in Killer Frequency. For more Indie Horror Game coverage and guides, be sure to see our GJ related articles in our Horror section here. Thank you for reading.

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