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All Dislyte Pop Quiz Answers

We want to help you get those records!
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Esper Pop Quiz is one of the best in-game events in Dislyte. The event is usually done whenever a new esper is released in the game. The event gives you juicy rewards for every correct answer (1 Gold Record) and a decent participation reward if you get it wrong (100 nexus crystal). 

We want to help you get those records, so we’ve compiled all the answers for all the Esper Pop Quiz questions!

Every Esper Pop Quiz question and answer in Dislyte

Image via GamerJournalist
In mythical stories, Amunet is closest to which of the following gods?Amun
What is Zora’s current occupation?Bounty Hunter
Which of the following items is Zora’s favorite?Bunny Toy
Which mythology is Frigga from?Norse
Which city does Abigail live in?Utgard
What is Abigail’s current occupation?Mayor

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How to unlock Dislyte Pop Quiz questions

If you don’t have access to all the quizzes yet, it’s because you haven’t completed all the specific tasks needed to unlock them. Below are their prerequisites:

First Question

  • Daily login
  • Spend 200 stamina
  • Cleared the Cube Miracle
  • Complete 2 Bounty Missions

Second Question

  • Daily login
  • Win five Point War battles
  • Get five 4-star+ Relics from the Ritual Miracle
  • Promote Esper Star Rating one time

Third Question 

  • Daily login.
  • Consume 500 stamina.
  • TBD
  • TBD

The last two other prerequisites differ depending on the Esper Quiz you’re taking. For example, the first set of prerequisites can be:

  • Consume 500 stamina.
  • Daily login
  • Enhance Relics 10 times
  • Ascend an Esper 3 times

While the other set can be:

  • Consume 500 stamina.
  • Daily login
  • Clear the Cube Miracle
  • Get ten 4-star Relics from the Ritual Miracle.

So, always keep an eye out on the last two prerequisites when doing the latest pop quiz as it might be different than the last.

But there you have it! Hopefully, this guide helps you get those records, and may the RNG gods always be in your favor.

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