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All Characters in Limbus Company Ranked

The city of sin never looked so good.
Image provided by Project Moon

The new gacha on the block, Limbus Company, has been making some waves recently. With a developer who is responsive to fixing bugs, fixing gacha rates and even combat encounters. The game recently even had a roadmap uploaded detailing the first couple of months for content and much more. Project Moon is in a great position to make a name for themselves.

We’ve compiled a list of all the characters in Limbus Company and have ranked them according to their usefulness. With the game being as new as it is we have a hard time of being sure who’s best for what. What we are sure of though is the game is designed from the ground up to be playable with the base characters. But, with that said, let’s get into it!

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Limbus Company Characters Ranked

Image provided by Project Moon

SS Tier

Kurokumo Wakashu Hong Lu

  • The primary damage dealer and serves as a paralyze source. Level up his skill Cloud Cutter!

Kurokumo Wakashu Ryoshu

  • The best secondary damage dealer who can paralyze as well. If you have another paralyze on them team she will use her AoE Clean Up ability.

S Tier

Blade Lineage Salsu Emil Sinclair

  • A self proficient attack buffer who can pierce through defensive enemies.

G. Corp Manager Gregor

  • An amazing healer when they win their clashes will get +40% damage.

Kurokumo Henchwoman Rodion

  • A poise stacker who is focused on single hit dps.

R Corp. 4th Pack Rabbit Heathcliff

  • His strengths are based around how much ammo he has, each round you have a limited amount to use. He is strong and perfect for one wave dungeon clears though.

W Corp. Cleanup Agent Don Quixote

  • She is very strong but only when you have her at tier 3. Her skill Rip Space murder most waves.

A Tier

Blade Lineage Salsu Yi Sang

  • Another poise based character who heavily relies on the poise status but isnt able to execute his nuke skill consistently.

Lobotomy Corp. Remnant Faust

  • A debuffer and status effect dealer. Incosistent as of now though.

G Corp. Head Manager Outis

  • A phenomenal buffer with fast abilities but with only one coin for each, against multiple coin attacks she will always lose.

F Tier

Shi Section 5 Ishmael

  • Depletes her own HP to output more damage but will just die most times.

W Corp. Cleanup Agent Meursault

  • Can barely produce the charges he needs to pull off any attacks or skills.

The reminder we need to throw out here once again is the game is extremely new and not everyone is even aware of mechanics and how characters work as of now. The game is also designed to be entirely a single player experience heavily focused on the story. The characters that we’ve ranked above are going to be the best to use if you get them mostly due to their affinities being higher than other characters.

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