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Hold on to your blasters and strap in for the ultimate adrenaline rush in Roboquest! Since its 1.0 release on November 7th, 2023, players have been thrust into a high-octane world where bullets fly, lasers blaze, and robotic bosses reign supreme.

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With a roster boasting ten formidable adversaries – Billy Boom, Diggy Mole, Dr. Turret, Sir Catercoaster, The Judgeball, Beetle Royale, Duke Nuker, El’Moustiko, Uncle Jim, and IRIS – Roboquest promises an exhilarating challenge with every corner turned. In this article, we’re taking a deep dive into the heart of the action, ranking and celebrating these ten bosses based on their intensity, creativity, and the unbridled excitement they inject into the Roboquest experience.

All Bosses in Roboquest, Ranked

As of its 1.0 release on November 7th, 2023, there are 10 total bosses in Roboquest: Billy Boom, Diggy Mole, Dr. Turret, Sir Catercoaster, The Judgeball, Beetle Royale, Duke Nuker, El’Moustiko, Uncle Jim, and IRIS.

All of these bosses are pretty tough customers, but once you see how they stack up in this list, you’ll at least have a better idea of how to go about fighting them.

Here are all ten bosses in Roboquest, ranked from easiest to hardest:

Billy Boom

Billy Boom Roboquest
Screenshot via RyseUp Studios

Billy Boom is one of the very first bosses that players can encounter in the game, and consequently, he’s one of the weakest. I still wouldn’t go underestimating him if you’re new to the game, but he’s arguably one of the easiest bosses in Roboquest.

Billy Boom will repeatedly explode if you get too close to him, but he also has a big lever on his back that can be turned off once he hits the ground. All you need to do to get him grounded is deal enough damage to him (preferably from afar); that’s it! He’s really not that hard to beat once you’ve figured that out.

Dr. Turret

Dr Turret Roboquest
Screenshot via RyseUp Studios

Dr. Turret is one of the handful of initial bosses that players can run into in Roboquest. Unlike most of the other bosses on this list, Dr. Turret doesn’t have any unique abilities or mechanics that he can deploy during his fight. This makes him a bit easier to handle and a lot more predictable.

One of Dr. Turrets’s moves allows him to spray the floor with molten hot lava, which hurts the player if they step on it. This is arguably one of his most annoying moves that you’ll have to look out for, but honestly, it’s pretty easy to dodge after the first couple of times, like most of his other moves.

Diggy Mole

Diggy Mole Roboquest
Screenshot via RyseUp Studios

Diggy Mole, just like Billy Boom and Dr. Turret, is one of the beginner bosses that you’ll face in the game. The only reason that Diggy Mole isn’t lower on this list is because he, unlike Dr. Turret, has a unique ability that allows him to burrow underground.

This ability gets pretty annoying during his fight and can really catch you off guard if you’re not expecting it. Still, he’s not really that tough of a boss besides that. The only thing that you’ll really have to watch out for are his mines; he’ll burrow underground and leave a handful of mines in random locations around the arena, which you’ll have to make sure you don’t step on by accident.


El Moustiko Roboquest
Screenshot via RyseUp Studios

Just like the real-life mosquitos that it’s modeled after, El’Moustiko is easily one of the most annoying bosses in Roboquest. Honestly, this boss isn’t even all that difficult as long as you’ve got high damage output; if you kill him early enough, he won’t have time to swarm you with his hoards of blood-thirsty minions.

His little minions are definitely annoying to have to deal with, but what you’ll really need to look out for with this boss are his crazy-high agility and large health pool. Trying to snipe El’Moustiko down would be one hell of a task, so it’s recommended that you use weapons that don’t fully rely on aim to do damage, like the longbow. As long as you’re putting out consistent heavy damage though, you should be fine.

Sir Catercoaster

Catercoaster Roboquest
Screenshot via RyseUp Studios

Sir Catercoaster may be one of the mid-game bosses in Roboquest, but he’s easily one of the most frustrating bosses in the entire game. Unlike the previous entries on this list that had up to a single unique ability or mechanic, Sir Catercoaster has a whopping three unique mechanics that he’ll employ during battle.

His mechanics allow him to travel at wickedly fast speeds (though he’ll be rail-bound, meaning he’ll only travel in a single predictable direction), flood entire areas of the arena with magma, and place harmful laser grids across walkways. If that wasn’t bad enough, he can also spawn in a stationary turret that will constantly fire damaging projectiles at the player. He’s definitely not a boss to be underestimated, though he’s far from the end-game bosses on this list.

The Judgeball

Judgeball Roboquest
Screenshot via RyseUp Studios

The Judgeball is one of the few mid-game bosses that players can come across in Roboquest, which means he’s going to be a bit tougher than the previous bosses. If you didn’t have any trouble beating the previous bosses, however, then you probably won’t find yourself struggling too much with The Judgeball. Similar to Dr. Turret, The Judgeball doesn’t have any unique abilities or mechanics that he can employ during his fight, though he still manages to put out some decent damage.

Because of this, however, you’ll have an easier time predicting his moves and beating him. The only thing you’ll really need to make sure you look out for is his annoying ability to shield himself from damage; The Judgeball will deploy his two shield generators onto the field, and while either of them is live, he’ll be immune to all damage. All you’ll need to do is take out the generators to make him vulnerable again, however.

Duke Nuker

Duke Nuker Roboquest
Screenshot via RyseUp Studios

Duke Nuker may have a goofy name, but you shouldn’t underestimate him; he’s one tanky son of a b*tch. This dude’s health pool and defense levels are honestly unfair. He honestly wouldn’t even be that hard to beat if his health wasn’t so goddamn difficult to whittle down, you’re going to need some seriously heavy artillery to take this guy on.

Being a tank, Duke Nuker is relatively slow-moving, though he will try to be up your ass no matter where you go in the arena. And believe me when I tell you that you do not want this guy on top of you in battle; he’ll send you to jesus so fast you won’t even have time to say your prayers first. Thankfully, however, his slow speed makes him an easy target for hard-hitting, speedy-bullet-spitting artillery, so as long as you’ve got some hefty guns at your side and a spring in your step, you should be able to take down the ol’ Nuker in Roboquest.

Beetle Royale

Beetle Royale Roboquest
Screenshot via RyseUp Studios

If you thought the previous bosses were bad, then wait until you get a load of Beetle Royale. Beetle Royale is one of the few flying (no, not floating, not hovering, but honest-to-god flying) bosses in the game, which already makes him more unpredictable than the rest. He’s also one of Roboquest’s final bosses, meaning the developers didn’t pull any punches when they were designing his fight.

One thing that makes Beetle Royale especially dangerous is his battle arena. Beetle Royale’s arena is made up of three floors that consist entirely of destructible floor tiles. The longer the fight continues, the more floor tiles Beetle Royale will destroy, and if you happen to fall all the way down through all three floors, then you’ll fall into an inescapable pit of acid that will constantly deal significant amounts of damage. (It’s a Royale pain in the ass)

Uncle Jim

Uncle Jim Roboquest
Screenshot via RyseUp Studios

Uncle Jim may not sound like a terrifying boss (though he does sound like a creepy distant relative), but he’s one of the toughest bosses in the game. Similar to Sir Catercoaster, Uncle Jim will stay on a predefined set of rails during his fight. Unlike Sir Catercoaster, however, he won’t travel at borderline supersonic speeds, though his attacks will be much more powerful, especially if you let him get to the end of his track.

To put it bluntly, once he gets to the top of his track, Uncle Jim hits like a f***ing truck. Thank god he isn’t as fast as Sir Catercoaster because if he was, there’d be no chance in hell of defeating him. Uncle Jim is also capable of manually blocking his weak points and will even fire a barrage of deadly homing missiles at the player while he does so. He doesn’t just spit out random mines or employ area-based attacks; he focuses every single attack he has on the player, and he is out for blood. This is the only uncle that shouldn’t be invited to Thanksgiving.


IRIS Roboquest
Screenshot via RyseUp Studios

IRIS is, without a doubt, the scariest boss in the entire game. IRIS is the final boss in Roboquest, and because of this, she’s stronger than all of the other bosses in Roboquest combined. Not only does she hit like a Mach truck and travel at the speed of light, but she also has not one but two phases. Just when you think you’ve got her beat, you’ve got to battle her a second time (and she’s even stronger in the second phase!).

IRIS is a floating robotic eyeball with arms and eerily long fingers. She inarguably has the most complex battle mechanics out of all of the other bosses in the game; she’s completely unpredictable, and her moves are sure to catch you off guard, no matter how prepared you think you are. Unfortunately, you’re required to beat her if you want to beat the game, so you’ll really need to get your battle strategies down pat before you try to take her down.

In the ever-expanding universe of Roboquest, each boss brings its own brand of excitement, challenge, and unforgettable moments. From the explosive initiation with Billy Boom to the climactic showdown against IRIS, the bosses of Roboquest showcase the game’s commitment to delivering heart-pounding encounters.

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