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All Appliances and What They Do in PlateUp!

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PlateUp! is a restaurant owner simulator that channels iconic restaurant-based sims such as Diner Dash. In the game, players must develop their restaurant from nothing into the finest eatery this side of paradise. But, doing so requires equipment and tools that you might not otherwise have. And, even if you have the basics — you’ll undoubtedly want to rearrange things or customize the layout to suit your playstyle.

In the demo for PlateUp!, you’re immediately given access to a stove, refrigerator, some counters, and a sink. It’s then up to you how you choose to arrange them. If, once you’ve earned some coins, you’d like to add a second sink or stove, that’s entirely your prerogative. But, before you jump in, it might be good for you to know what each starting appliance does, as well as any quirks they might have. Here’s all you need to know about appliances in PlateUp!

Appliances in the PlateUp! Demo

It all begins with the refrigerator. In the refrigerator is an endless number of perfectly cut steaks. Then, there is the stove, which will cook the steaks to the customer’s desired temperature. If you leave the steak on the stove for longer, it’ll continue to cook until it has reached the desired temperature. I found it useful to buy a second stove as soon as possible to make it easier to handle two-tops.

Then, there’s the sink, which will wash one dish at a time. This is another item I found it necessary to have two of as soon as the coin was there. It can be difficult to adjust to the process, especially when it comes to the sink, as you have to hold the button until the dish is clean, then pull the dish out and put it away. It might help you, but one item I found particularly unhelpful was the conveyor belt. In my head, I thought it might help to clear the sink of cleaned dishes, but in reality it did nothing of the sort.

And, of course, there’s the trash can, which is used to discard burnt food items. I didn’t find myself using the trash can too much at first, only because you have to actually try to burn things, but it’s still helpful. I am sure there are more appliances to detail, but these are the main items I used in the demo.

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