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All Anomalies in I’m on Observation Duty 6

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A mix of liminal space with supernatural content, I’m on Observation Duty pioneered the horror equivalent of spot the difference. With 6 levels to head into, your task to identify supernatural phenomenon has never been more satisfying. With new Anomaly cutscenes, unique displays of Intruder behavior and a simpler, more polished system to report your observations, I’m on Observation Duty 6 calls you into its grasps to weed out the terror and try to last until 6am to see the sun rise. Would you be able to sleep at night if you saw this activity going on inside your establishment or home? This is Vincent’s guide on all Anomalies that can make an appearance in I’m on Observation Duty 6.

I’m on Observation Duty 6 – Anomalies List

The Anomalies of I’m on Observation Duty make their return for the sixth entry into the series. With 6 levels to play on, including returns of previous maps, players have more than enough to keep their horror juices flowing and their brain stimulated for hours on end. The game features classic Anomalies such as ghosts and intruders, alongside rarer Anomalies such as the more obvious and stand-out activity of giant, misplaced items appearing in the middle on your screen. But something that many fans of this series will be happy to note is that the HUGE MAN makes his return, but can you spot him in all the chaos?

The system to report Anomalies is a little different in this game compared to the others in that the cursor works as the main way to report. All you need to do is click using left-mouse button over the object or entity you believe is an Anomaly, holding to input your report and then waiting to find out if you got it right. This time around there is no punishment system in place for too many wrong guesses in this spot the difference game. The cursor works just like that of Para Eyes, another spot the difference indie horror game. But, some Anomalies require specific reports which can be done by bringing up the File Report screen by right-clicking with the mouse when your cursor is over the object you want to report. This works like the old system in I’m on Observation Duty, giving you the Anomaly Type list and the Room Location.

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General Anomaly List

  • Abyss – Small black hole that expands the longer you leave it in play until it consumes the level and you get a game over. Can end the game even if it is the only Anomaly present.
  • Camera Malfunction – Camera stops working meaning that you cannot see any Anomalies on the Camera Feed. Keep track of how many cameras you have to work with and number them in case a camera stops working.
  • Distortion – FOV (Field of View) gets distorted in the Camera Feed with warping/slow zooming effect.
  • Door Opening – Exactly as it reads but counts for all types of doors – closet, kitchen counters, fridge and doorways.
  • Ghosts – Transparent humans that appear stationary although they have mannerisms and characteristics to “bring them to life” that makes them stand out in a room filled with Anomalies.
  • Intruder – Intruders come in all shapes and sizes. They are humanoid figures that have distinctly different and unique features to one another that makes them different to a standard human or corpse that can appear on each map. Typically, Intruders move around the room you are looking at. Meaning that if you are not fast enough, they always result in a game over after they complete their task.
  • Shadow – These are humanoid figures that are completely blacked-out in design but have glowing white eyes. They stand stationary and look at the camera, typically from afar and never usually found inside the building itself. They can often be seen outside of windows or in the entrance/exit of the map, standing close to corners.
  • Steam/ Smoke – Visible steam and smoke appears to come out of objects and appliances such as kettles, pipes and pots.
  • Lights – Lights turning on/off and flickering
  • Extra Object – Duplicate of the same object appearing next to a set, or a duplicate of a random object showing up in a place that does not belong such as a tree placed next to a set of beach chairs.
  • Object Disappearance – Exactly as it reads, objects vanish from the room. Keep track of furniture, cutlery, and objects.
  • Object Movement – Inanimate objects either slightly from their spot or are completely replaced by another object. Can be cereal boxes or statues rotating or bedsheets and clothes slightly moving.
  • Other – Anomalies that do not match the other categories. Such as blood or words changing to say a completely different and much more creepy sentence (common on Hotel)
  • Painting – Paintings appear altered, distorted and visually different. Typically they show a more creepy or scary scene rather than the original tranquil and pleasant landscapes or family portraits.
  • Special Anomaly – In every level, there are special events that are specific to each map and designed to fill the lore for the level. At the beginning of each level, you are given a background summary of the Anomalies present and the special Anomaly that may make an appearance. When you spot these and successfully report, you get an achievement. For example, the Lumberjack in Summer Cottage is the large Anomaly that is mentioned in the Cottage level opening.
  • !!!HUGE MAN!!! – Super rare sighting of the infamous Huge Man which is a very specific Intruder of a giant man with PED physique.

Due to the improved system, you do not need to know what every Anomaly is in I’m on Observation Duty 6 as you can use the point and hold mechanic of the cursor to report anything you see. What you must know the difference between however are the Anomalies that appear on the Report List: Abyss, Camera Malfunction, Distortion, Ghost, Steam/ Smoke, and Lights. To select and report these specific Anomaly types, you will need to right-click and select the type and then the room where the Anomaly is present. You do not have to point the cursor directly over these however, anywhere in the room will do so long as you select the correct type and room.

That was our full Anomaly List for I’m on Observation Duty 6. For more on the latest video game releases, take a look at all GJ written content here. Thank you for reading this guide, we hope it was helpful in surviving until 6am.

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