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All Animatronics and How to Counter Them in Bondee’s Barnyard: Safety Violation

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The latest entry in the world of child’s toy Horror Games brings forth a FNAF style gameplay with a twist. Similar to that of the original Five Nights at Freddy’s game, players must counter various animatronics which try to get to you. In Bondee’s Barnyard, players are thrown into a horrifying situation of being trapped inside the body of an animatronic. As their only means of survival is to peak their head out of the suit in order to breath. However, the animatronics can sense breathing within a 50 meter radius, meaning that nowhere is safe. As the Security Guard watches for movement on the cameras, can you survive the night? This is our guide on how to counter all animatronics in Bondee’s Barnyard.

How to Counter Every Animatronic in Bondee’s Barnyard

Grise the Pig

Hour 1 is the easiest section of the game as it eases you into the horror. You first encounter with an animatronic is with Grise. The way to counter this Pig is simple, click on the door that he appears behind to shut it close. However, keep in mind that this action cannot be done if the camera in front of you turns on. Look out for its animation and the red light. In this moment, you cannot move not use the left-mouse click on either door to shut them. Wait until the camera shuts off to resume warding off Grise from the doors. You can also turn on the lights on either side of the rooms to check is Grise is underneath them. Simply click anywhere in the hallway for the lights to turn on. When you see Grise, click on the door handle to bring it down.

When you shut Grise out, listen to the audio cue of his oinks, after the fourth oink you will hear a clanging sound. This signifies that Grise has moved on from the hallway. This animatronic will always appear on the left door. Listen out for his slow footsteps approaching on the left-side. It helps to use headphones in this game so you can differentiate the footsteps.

Fourly the Sheep

Fourly appears shy in nature, keeping that demeanour as she approaches the doors. Listen out for the sound of quick footsteps, designed to sound like hooves. This will be Fourly approaching on the right doorway. Just like Grise, your means of keeping this animatronic out is by shutting the door on them. Again, use the light source in the right corridor to see if Fourly is there when you hear the sound of her hooves moving across the right hallway. Then left-click on the door handle to bring the door down, shutting her out. Wait for the audio cue of the clang on the right hand side to tell you that she is gone. This sounds the same as Grise leaving (aside from the oink noises).

Keep in mind that using the doors will indeed lower the oxygen levels in the room. You can whilst closing the doors keep your head out of the suit to breathe. However, keep an eye on the camera whilst you do this as it could turn on at any moment. It is useful to know that you can keep breathing with the doors open however. This will maintain the oxygen levels, giving you more time to breathe in these moments rather than trying with the doors open.

Chickling the Chicken

Chickling is an interesting animatronic because their appearance in Hour 2 is not anticipated. The animatronic makes themselves known in this hour via the oxygen monitor. This is used both to show your oxygen levels but also to show when the camera is on, showing you inside Kou where you cannot move or you will be shocked. However, the appearance of the Chickling does not go to a jumpscare or a game over. In fact, this acts as a form of distraction that if you do not realise quick enough, could lower your oxygen levels if you try to ignore it.

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Instead, what you need to do when you see the video of the Chickling running down the corridor is pay attention to which side the Chickling is running down. This will correspond to the door you need to shut. You will hear the thud to signify that it is over and the door can be opened again. However, if you do not shut the door the video of the Chickling will play over and over. Acting as a confusing distraction to stop you looking at the doors and camera. A jumpscare does not come from Chickling if you let the video play out. It simply loops until you shut the correct door.

An important thing to note is that because the Chickling does nothing but distract, sometimes it is better to let the video loop a few times if the camera has not turned on in a while. Otherwise you could shut the door to get rid of Chickling but the camera catches you in the act. Ignoring Chickling will not resort in a jumpscare game over.

Kou the Cow

Kou is the only animatronic that is not out to kill you (kind of). As a child is not meant to climb into the suit of Kou, there is no oxygen inside to make it a safe space for them to survive. So to counter Kou inevitably suffocating the player, you need to stick your head out of the suit. However, with all of the impending animatronics who can sense your breathing, you can only do this for a limited amount of time. The main thing is to keep your eye on the camera as if it sees you, you will be shocked by the Security Guard monitoring the feed and this will result in a game over.

As Kou the Cow is the only animatronic without a security system, with its maternal coding trying to protect the child. Kou is a stationary animatronic whose mouth can be opened for our protagonist to breathe. You need to click on Kou’s bottom row of teeth to open the suit to breathe. Remember that you can breathe whilst trapping out one of the animatronics in the hallway should they approach.

Bondee the Farmer

Bondee is the final animatronic which joins Grise and Fourly in the search for an intruder. The Farmer is a harder one to counter if you get overwhelmed by the continous attempts that the animatronics that to get into the room. What you need to do here is keep the hallways light on the hallways where Bondee appears. When you shine the light on Bondee you will hear his distorted laugh/scream. Wait until he runs off to continue looking for the other animatronics. Unlike Grise and Fourly, Bondee can appear in both hallways so make sure to keep checking the lights to tell who is at the door before you slam it shut.

That was our guide on how to counter every animatronic in Bondee’s Barnyard: Safety Violation. We hope it was helpful in your survival. Give this game a go if you are interested now that you know how to beat the game. For more Indie Horror Game guides, feel free to look at our recommendations: How to Evade All Monsters in The Classrooms and How to Get All Endings in Cannibal Abduction. You can also follow us on Facebook for more Indie Horror Game guides/walkthroughs if you are interested in seeing more from us.

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