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All Achievements and Trophies in Star Ocean: The Divine Force

A list of all achievements and trophies in Star Ocean: The Divine Force across all platforms!
Star Ocean The Divine Force
Image via Square Enix

Star Ocean: The Divine Force has now released and is readily available to purchase, download and play on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S and Microsoft Windows. With a few of these platforms, the game comes with achievements players can unlock as they journey through the game and further complete to 100% the title in its entirety. Here are the achievements and trophies listed in full.

All Achievements and Trophies in Star Ocean: The Divine Force

There is a total of 54 achievements for Microsoft Windows via Steam, Xbox and for the PlayStation consoles.

  1. Encounter with the Unknown – Defeated the colossus of the Mhedume Ruins
  2. Queen of the Depths – Defeated the mighty Ethereal Queen
  3. The Lone Angel – Defeated the all-powerful Gabriel Celeste
  4. Traverse the Stars – Depart from Aster
  5. Pile Up Those Bones – Defeated over 3,000 foes
  6. Quicker than the Eye – Performed 200 Blindsides
  7. Stepping Forward – Walked over 100 km
  8. The Iatrimancer – Recruited Nina
  9. The Magic of Flight – Flew over 100 km
  10. My First Masterpiece – Used Item Creation for the first time
  11. The Last Landing Spot – Saved the cosmos
  12. Where the Curtain Rises and Falls
  13. Hello and Goodbye – Arrived in Parrapoeiam
  14. Pangalactic Rot – Peered into the darkness of the Pangalactic Federation
  15. The Story Goes On – Allowed Emperor Bohld’or to escape
  16. Married to the Fight – Disrupt the wedding and carry out the rescue
  17. Some Kind of Welcome – Entered the village of Eda
  18. Great Sage Midas – Recruited Midas
  19. Helgar’s Disease Revisited – Met Theo
  20. Onward to the Royal City – Found Dillwhip
  21. What a Rout – Endured an expected defeat in Baldaar
  22. The Immutable Past – Arrived at the Ancient Coil
  23. Full of Surprises – Launched 100 Surprise Attacks
  24. A Rather Personal Battle – Laeticia said “yes”
  25. Disaster Blaster – Reunited with friends
  26. On the Eve of Action- Tomorrow is the day to launch a major operation
  27. The Start of Something Big – Won a game of Es’owa for the first time
  28. Character Ending 01 – Raymond and Albaird epilogue
  29. Character Ending 02 – Raymond and Nina epilogue
  30. Character Ending 03 – Raymond and Midas epilogue
  31. Character Ending 04 – Raymond and Elena epilogue
  32. Character Ending 05 – Raymond and Marielle epilogue
  33. Character Ending 06 – Raymond and Malkya epilogue
  34. Character Ending 07 – Raymond and J.J. epilogue
  35. Character Ending 08 – Laeticia and Albaird epilogue
  36. Character Ending 09 – Laeticia and Nina epilogue
  37. Character Ending 10 – Laeticia and Midas epilogue
  38. Character Ending 11 – Laeticia and Elena epilogue
  39. Character Ending 12 – Laeticia and Marielle epilogue
  40. Character Ending 13 – Laeticia and Theo epilogue
  41. Character Ending 14 – Laeticia and Malkya epilogue
  42. Character Ending 15 – Raymond and Laeticia epilogue
  43. Character Ending 16 – Laeticia and Raymond epilogue
  44. Newly Unemployed – Clear at least 90% of all quests
  45. Battle-worn Warrior – Complete at least 90% of the Bestiary
  46. Mighty Arsenal – Obtain at least 90% of all weapons
  47. The Spirit of All Creation – Make at least 90% of all items in Item Creation
  48. Treasure Detector – Opened all treasure chests in the universe
  49. Bounty of Bunnies – Found every mini-bunny
  50. Battle God at the Table – Acquired the rank of Battle God
  51. A True Finale – Watched every ending
  52. Universal Master – Beat the game at Universe Level
  53. Master of Chaos – Beat the game at Chaos Level
  54. Divine Force – Conquered the entire Star Ocean

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