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All Achievements and Powerups in Hell Pie

Achieve or Die!
Image Via SLUGGERFLY Games

Hell Pie is a Indie 3D Platformer that does all the right classic features you love. Hundreds of collectibles and plenty of power-ups and secrets to locate and collect, that’s the 3D platformer’s bread and butter. Or in this case, maybe blood and guts. Hell Pie is full of crude, raunchy, and vulgar humor, but that is part of its dirty charm. To help you get started and find out what you’re aiming for, here is a list of power-ups and achievements you can expect as you play through Hell Pie.

All Horned UP

There are 6 Horn based power-ups you have to collect and unlock in a very unpleasant fashion. There are these cute little lambs with horns, called Unilambs you have to gather and um… well.. sacrifice to get new horns. Hey, you are a demon from hell after all.

  • Radar horns – Lets you find key locations faster. (1 Unilamb sacrifice)
  • Sprint horns – Gives Nate unlimited super speed. (7 Unilamb sacrifices)
  • Ram horns – This allows you to smash through rocks, metal crates, and cracks in walls. (11 Unilmab sacrifices)
  • Arm horns – For a while, you’ll run into weird statues that look like arms making an arch, but can’t do anything with them. With the Arm horns, they will let you glide up or down a zip wire connected to another statue across the area. (13 Unilamb sacrifices)
  • Light horns – While these horns can light up dark places, they can also activate certain secret location stages. Once you fight a light-gate glyph on a wall, these horns will open that area and you can collect hidden items once you clear the stage. (15 Unilamb sacrifices)
  • Wing horns – To put it simply, near the end of the game you get the access to fly where ever you want as long as you can keep a boosted rate on the horns. (18 Unilamb sacrifices)

Unlocking Achievements

What’s a platformer without a long list of collecting items and achievements? Here’s your checklist for everything you want to accomplish if you want that addicting 100% out of any collect-athon platformer game.

  • Mentor – meet Chef
  • Gullible – obtain Nugget
  • Classy demo – buy any costume
  • Bad taste – unlock all outfits
  • Yummy! – collect your first ingredient
  • Is this supposed to be funny – unlocked once the receptionist informs you that the servers are down and you get them back online in the IT Department level.
  • Hero – free all the Munchers in the sewers in Sashimi Bay.
  • Sushi for everyone – awarded after blowing up the giant pink whale at the top of Sashimi Bay.
  • Mr Huseau – over feed the food critic in the Flavor Peaks restaurant.
  • MacGyver – locate all the items the man on the other side of the ‘Crack’ asks of you on the ground floor of the Flavor Peaks restaurant.
  • Is it only for shock value? – hit at least ten naked humans with Nugget in the slaughterhouse in Flavor Peaks.
  • Smashface – swing Nugget into a wall.
  • Sexytime – collect all the plants and ‘attach’ them with those on the dancefloor in The Jungle.
  • I can’t see how that’s funny – destroy the three crosses on the roofs in Pearly Gates.
  • Gem hunter – collect 1000 gems
  • Gem addict – collect 5000 gems
  • Gem connoisseur – collcet 10000 gems
  • Epicure – collect every ingredient
  • Juvenile and unnecessary – unlock Nugget’s fart from the tier tree
  • Witness – uncover one of the rituals found in the deeps in Hell
  • Fast as f boi – Complete the Sprint Horns test
  • Hornborn – Complete the Ram Horns test
  • Never skip arm day – Complete the Arm Horns test
  • Let there be light! – Complete the Light Horns test
  • Hörn Retörn – Complete the Wing Horns test
  • That’s just too nasty – beat the sewer boss in Sashimi Bay
  • Everybody is beautiful – beat Gluttony in the restaurant
  • Piece of cake – beat the Hell Pie
  • Gourmet – find ALL the candymeat cans
  • Greedy – collect ALL the lucky gold cat statues
  • I’m starting to feel a bit sad – find ALL the unilambs
  • The 1% – sacrifice a portion of your gems to jump past the Jungle waiting room instead of buying a ticket
  • Wow! Such endurance – complete all other achievements and get your proof of 100%

Hope that list helps you get started and soon you’re enjoying the collect-athon nostalgia of an obscene old school 3D platformer done right!

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