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5 Letter Words with OL in the Middle – Wordle Guides

It's the ol' OL.

You know what word needs to make a comeback? “ol’.” You know, like “the ol’ swimmin’ hole.” Talking like an old-timey person, or an episode of The Wonder Years. I like saying ol’, it’s got a bit of a nostalgic twang to it. Well, even if ol’ doesn’t get the respect it deserves, I’m willing to settle for 5 letter words with OL in the middle for your daily Wordle.

5 Letter Words with OL in the Middle

We’ve assembled a list here of Wordle-compatible five-letter words, each with OL in the middle. Thanks to a little assistance from our Wordle Helper utility, we’ve got a list of 50 words that fit the bill. If you need any extra assistance, feel free to check out the utility yourself for more detailed information. Make use of it, as well as the other resources we’ve got here, and you’ll keep that Wordle record rolling.

  • colon
  • bolas
  • golem
  • bolar
  • jolly
  • dolly
  • solve
  • bolds
  • polyp
  • solar
  • holly
  • polka
  • boles
  • bolls
  • color
  • bolix
  • polar
  • bolos
  • colds
  • coled
  • coley
  • folio
  • colby
  • molar
  • golly
  • bolus
  • moldy
  • folly
  • coles
  • colas
  • solid
  • bolts
  • goldy
  • colly
  • dolts
  • golds
  • colic
  • colin
  • goles
  • dolia
  • folia
  • doles
  • golfs
  • colts
  • colls
  • dolce
  • golpe
  • doled
  • golps
  • colza

That’s all we’ve got for five-letter words with OL in the middle (though I’d say 50 words is more than enough). If you need more information or just want to get ready for tomorrow’s puzzle, don’t forget to bookmark Gamer Journalist’s Wordle section. We’ve got new info and guides going up on the daily for all your Wordle needs.

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