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5 Letter Words with IC in the Middle — Wordle Guides

Here's a full list of words with IC in the middle, for your perusal!!
5 Letter Words IC Middle
Image via Gamer Journalist

Wordle is a remarkably viral game from the mind of Josh Wardle and the New York Times. In the game, players are given six chances to guess a 5 letter word based on nothing but intuition! It seems easy at first, until you’re given a word like YOICK or AMICE, at which point you’re left to figure it out on your own.

Or … are you? That’s where we at Gamer Journalist come in. We strive to extend a helping hand in times like these. If you find yourself needing help with these word-based puzzles, look no further! Each day, we’ll post brand new content based on the selected word of the day, without outright giving you the answers … unless that’s what you want, in which case we’re here for you. In any case, here’s a full list of words that you can use in today’s Wordle that feature the letters IC in the middle.

5 Letter Words with IC in the Middle

Here’s a full list of 5 letter words that feature IC in the middle! There’s a full slate of possibilities! 50 options, to be precise. So, you may need to get a little more help. If this is the case, consider checking out the Gamer Journalist Wordle Helper tool, which lets your figure out the correct word in real time! Input your correct, incorrect, and misplaced letters to see an automated list!

  • saick
  • juice
  • deice
  • epics
  • drice
  • spice
  • flick
  • spica
  • slice
  • spicy
  • spick
  • quich
  • brick
  • slick
  • chics
  • erick
  • which
  • erics
  • trice
  • edict
  • saics
  • trick
  • price
  • wrick
  • klick
  • plica
  • juicy
  • yoick
  • spics
  • pricy
  • stich
  • laich
  • chica
  • hoick
  • click
  • twice
  • haick
  • amici
  • snick
  • prick
  • voice
  • unica
  • saice
  • erica
  • amice
  • chich
  • quick
  • stick
  • chico
  • etics

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That was our complete list of 5 letter words with IC in the middle! Consider checking out the library’s worth of content we’ve published on this revolutionary word game in the lead up to its first anniversary!

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