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5 Letter Words Starting with TRI – Wordle Guides

Give it a TRI.

A good way to make something sound cool is to put TRI in it somewhere. Tri-Attack, Tri-Edge, and so forth; you always expect a robot or a monster or whatever to come at you with two things, but when it starts coming at you with three things, then you know it’s gotten real. If you wanna make your Wordle efforts a little cooler, then here’s a list of 5 letter words starting with TRI for Wordle.

5 Letter Words Starting with TRI

While there are a good number of words that use TRI to imply the presence of three things, that’s not an iron-clad rule. There are plenty of other words that use it simply by coincidence, so, unfortunately, you’ll just need to experiment a bit to determine what works properly.

To help us out with our TRIals and TRIbulations, we’ve enlisted the help of our good buddy, the Wordle Helper utility. Thanks to its threefold insight, we’ve assembled a list of 27 words, each 5 letters long and starting with TRI.

  • trice
  • tride
  • triac
  • trier
  • triad
  • trick
  • trite
  • tripe
  • tries
  • triff
  • trigs
  • trigo
  • tribe
  • trike
  • tried
  • trial
  • trins
  • trill
  • trims
  • trild
  • triol
  • trine
  • trior
  • trios
  • trist
  • tripy
  • trips

There’s our full list of 5 letter words starting with TRI for Wordle. Now you have no reason not to TRI yourself, eh? Sorry, that’s the last one I’ve got. If you’re hungry for more Wordle action, go check out our Wordle section here on GamerJournalist. We’ve got new info and guides going up every day for all kinds of letter placements and combos.

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