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5 Letter Words Ending with DGE – Wordle Guides

There are more words ending in DGE than you may think!

There really is no game like Wordle. It’s singlehandedly captivated players with its simple yet truly addictive daily puzzles. It’s a simple yet positive way to get your brain moving for the day and also serves as some great competition amongst friends or coworkers on who can keep their streaks going longer. With there only being 5 letter slots to fill, figuring out what that pesky 5 letter word can be a real struggle sometimes. Today, we’ve compiled a list of all of the 5 letter words ending with DGE

5 Letter Words Ending with DGE

You’d be surprised to know that there are actually quite a few words that indeed end with DGE. There are 28 in fact, with a majority of them actually being quite difficult to nail down in one’s mind. Aside from words like budge or fudge, most of these may not be uncovered by someone who’s never really had to use them in their own life.

  • badge
  • bodge
  • budge
  • cadge
  • dodge
  • fadge
  • fidge
  • fudge
  • gadge
  • hedge
  • judge
  • kedge
  • kidge
  • ledge
  • lodge
  • madge
  • midge
  • modge
  • mudge
  • nudge
  • podge
  • pudge
  • radge
  • ridge
  • sedge
  • wadge
  • wedge
  • wodge

That’s our entire 28-entry list of 5 letter words ending with DGE! Hopefully, you now have the power to take on Wordle and keep that daily streak going for the foreseeable future. Additionally, check out our Wordle resources section which is updated daily with even more guides such as this one. We also have our very own Wordle Helper Tool which comes in handy during those Wordle puzzles that you just can’t seem to solve.

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