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5 Best Ways to Get Gems in Stumble Guys

There are some fantastic ways to earn gems, easy.

A specific game has been blowing up lately on the various mobile app stores. Stumble Guys, is an app that takes the overall experience of the iconic party game/battle royale, Fall Guys, and gives players a way to play on their phones or tablets. Even though Fall Guys has recently made its way onto other gaming platforms recently, it hasn’t been added to any mobile devices.

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Stumble Guys is basically a copycat of that title, right down to it having multiple currencies, one being Gems that can be used on various customization items. With the game really popping off lately, what better time to explain the 5 best ways to get Gems in Stumble Guys?

5 Best Ways to Get Gems in Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys Starter Pack
Stumble Guys Starter Pack

In all honesty, Stumble Guys is a very good copycat. The frame rates are clean, the gameplay is smooth, and the overall aesthetic and design are pretty great. While this game offers a couple of ways to earn Gems for free, you’ll have more luck if you spend actual money on the game. Players are going to know right off of the bat whether this is a title they’re going to want to spend actual money on or not.

Stumble Pass

The most non-invasive way to earn Gems is by simply playing the game and leveling up your Stumble Pass which is this game’s seasonal pass. You can do it for free and earn 50 Gems every once in a while or pay to upgrade it and earn that 50 plus another 100 more often. Skins in the shop tend to either be 55 or 90 Gems a piece, so it’s really up to you if the Stumble Pass is worth it.

Wheel Spins

Every day, players are given a single spin on the daily wheel. This wheel gives you the chance of winning various things, one item being Gems of different amounts. It’s a great free way to earn Gems daily if you remember to do it.

Watching Ads

Additionally, players also get an additional wheel spin for every ad that they watch through the app as well. Though there is a cap limit of 4 ads per 24-hour period. This is another way that can rack you up some Gems or even other items rather quickly as ads are only 30 seconds a piece.

Starter Pack

As a brand-new player, Stumble Guys offers you a pretty sweet deal that will not only net you 1,400 Gems, but an extra wheel spin every day, and removes mandatory ads from your app. You will be able to watch the optional ads for extra Gems though. You get all of that for only $3.99. It’s a smoking deal but you have to act quick as it only sticks around for the first 48 hours of you starting the game.

Purchase Gems

The last way and possibly easiest, depending on if you don’t mind spending money outright, is to just purchase Gems. Gems come in various packs ranging from 250 for $1.99 all the way up to 5,000 for $19.99 which gives a bonus of 275 Stumble Guys Tokens (the other in-game currency) as well.

Those are the 5 best ways to earn Gems in Stumble Guys! There are a bunch of different ways to do so, each having its own specific benefits. The starter pack is definitely an appetizing offer, given how much you get for your money. But earning them free in other ways is great too.

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