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Which Temtem Starter is Best?

So you’ve purchased Temtem and you are now faced with the difficult decision of which starting Temtem to choose. The first thing you should know is that the three starters Crystle, Houchic, and Smazee are all available later in the game. This means your decision is not an absolute deal breaker here, but it may save you time and help you progress more by picking the right one.

Which Temtem Starter is Best?

As we’ve stated, you can find the starters throughout the game so you’re not completely locked in once you make a decision. That being said, it seems Crystle pops up much earlier in the wild than Houchic and Smazee. Unlike Pokemon, you will not be able to perform a hard reset to obtain a Luma version of the starter Temtem. For those not aware, Luma Temtem are basically the equivalent of shiny/rare Pokemon.

Temtem Starter Types

Houchic is a Mental Type Temtem. Mental types perform best against neutral and melee, and under perform against crystle types.

Crystle is a Crystle Type Temtem. Crystle types perform best against electric and mental types, and under perform against fire and earth types.

Smazee is a Melee Type Temtem. Melee types perform best against rock and crystal, and under perform against mental and melee.

Best Temtem for Offensive Play Style

Types can give us some context as to who they are strong and weak against, but this is not the full picture. We will have to take a look at their attack stats and special attack stats to figure out which is the best offensive Temtem.

If you compare the three starters’ ATK, Smazee clearly wins. But when you look at SPATK, Houchic is the clear winner. Let’s take a closer look at their techniques.

Smazee Techniques

Crystle Techniques

Houchic Techniques

If you’re wondering which Temtem is best for an offensive play style, we think Houchic is probably the best bet. This Temtem has the techniques to destroy enemies right out of the gate. How about if you prefer a defensive style?

Best Temtem for Defensive Play Style

To determine which Temtem is best for a defensive play style, we’ll need to take a look at some more stats, specifically their HP and DEF stats.

Crystle clearly has the most HP and DEF, meaning Crystle is at first glance probably the best Temtem to use for defense. If we look at SPDEF, Houchic actually has the most, meaning Houchic will take the least amount of damage from special attacks.

The raw stats and moveset of Crystle will make it a Temtem that can handle well in any defensive situation. So if we had to pick one Temtem for a defensive play style, Crystle would be our choice.

Which Temtem is Best for the First Dojo?

Dojos are Temtem’s equivalent of Pokemon Gym Battles, where you’ll find yourself pitted against challenging foes. These are actually quite challenging, even the first Dojo containing Sophia.

Sophia will bring 6 Temtem ranging from level 15-21 to battle. Most are pretty easy to defeat, but the most powerful is the level 21 water type Oceara.

It turns out that all Temtem can handle Sophia’s Dojo relatively well. The game was designed in a way so there is really no right or wrong Temtem to pick to beat the first dojo. This makes sense because you wouldn’t want players to immediately regret their first decision in the game!

Choosing Crystle will probably make your life the easiest in defeating the first dojo, and progressing through the game safely. Crystles all around solid stats and high defense make it a Temtem with high survivability which means less dying and less time invested.

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