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Where To Find Harvester Orbs For Reaper Mission in MW3 Zombies?

These orbs are hidden in the open
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As you roam through the Caucasus region in search of zombies, you might need to upgrade your weapons and equipment. Fortunately, this game allows for many upgrades, and they are done by using various items. You can get those items as a reward after successfully completing missions.

The Harvester Orb is an item you can use for upgrading your gear, and you can get it during the Reaper mission. This guide will help you find Harvester Orbs more easily.

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The Harvester Orb Locations

First, the bad news. The Harvester Orbs appear randomly, so there are no exact locations. The good news is there are some hints that will help you find those orbs easier. First of all, Harvester Orbs do randomly appear, but they usually appear in large open areas of the map. There are good chances you will find at least one between two exfils.

Since they frequently show up here first, stay in the Threat Level 1 area and walk around. They can show up anywhere, even in close proximity to the map’s boundaries. Large open areas in the southern part, close to Zaravan Suburbs, are perhaps where they are most frequently discovered. After you find a Harvester Orb, you might encounter another in the orange zone. That implies you will find another Orb in the zone with more difficulty after you already found one. On your minimap, a white icon will move and look like a little planet with rings. Go after it and aim for rewarding items!

The Reaper Mission Overview

As far as MW3 zombie missions go, the Reaper assignment is simple but tedious. You have to collect 15 Items from Harvester Orbs and destroy 3 Harvester Orbs. The first goal is easy to do since, each time you shoot it before it scoots away, it drops some Essence you can pick up. When you destroy them, they will also count toward the collected items.

The more difficult task is destroying the orbs. Either locate one in the white zone, then search the orange and red zones for the remaining ones in a single mission, or exfiltrate after locating one, then return to the white zone for another search.

The Harvester Orbs are not so easy to find, but once you get a hang of it, you can collect them with relative ease. For more related articles, try out How to Get 25 Kills While in Tactical Stance in MW3.

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