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Where to Farm Blue Nightshade in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

The stealthier the better
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After purchasing the Stealth Armor Set at Kakariko Village you are probably looking to upgrade its stealth abilities in full or at least, try to get 100% on all Armor Sets available in Tears of the Kingdom. To do so, you need both Rupees and Blue Nightshade, specific to upgrading this Armor. But the road to max Armor Rank is not as simple as it seems and farming in Tears of the Kingdom is made very difficult for players trying to get ahead of the Demon King. Link is forced to take things as slow as possible, what with materials being more scarce than ever in Hyrule. However, this is Vincent’s guide on where to find the Blue Nightshade in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Where to Find Blue Nightshade in Tears of the Kingdom

For those looking to upgrade their Stealth Armor, the primary ingredient you will need throughout is the Blue Nightshade. There are many usages and differences between the variety of plants across Tears of the Kingdom but for Armor upgrades, the functions lie within the special plant of Blue Nightshade. Because of this, you will not find this plant anywhere you roam across Hyrule. Instead, players need a specific route to take in order to farm these so that you can unlock more ranks for your Armor Sets. Keep in mind that whilst Blue Nightshade is needed, you will need money for every Armor upgrade you make, regardless of its name and type. The Stealth Armor can be improved further by focussing on every update to increase its stealth.

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The Blue Nightshade is best located within the Rutile Lake, west of Hyrule Field and south of Hyrule Ridge. You will find the Lake on the far-east side of Gerudo Highlands. Approach the Lake from the east side, heading towards the clearing and hill outlined in the screenshot below. You do not need to go towards the Lake’s perimeter in order to find the Nightshade. Whilst this plant does not appear in abundance here and you will likely find more Silent Princess flowers side-by-side with the Nightshade, this is the best spot to farm the plant at in Hyrule.

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When Do Materials Respawn?

All materials respawn in Tears of the Kingdom however it is not instantaneous. For that reason you should never hover about an area in hope for materials to show up again after a quick walk across the perimeter. Instead, you should use the Fast-Travel Points and continue your adventure somewhere else, revisiting the Lake across a few hours of your in-game playthrough. There is a high chance however that what you pick up does not respawn until the Blood Moon which appears in a cycle of 7-days. Unfortunately there are no ways for you to increase the farming method by using your Farm as Blue Nightshade cannot be planted and grown. Instead, you will have to wait around for these to respawn in at the Lake in order to obtain more for your Stealth Armor in Tears of the Kingdom.

That was our guide on how to get Blue Nightshade in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. For more GJ articles on TotK, feel free to see all of our related here. We hope this guide was helpful, thank you for reading.

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