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When Does Fortnite Season X End

Fortnite has entered into it’s 10th season, dubbed Fortnite Season X, and players have been surprised with new challenges and other additions to the game. We know the season started today, but when does Fortnite Season X end?

Epic Games launched seasons within a few months of the game’s release. Since that time in October, 2017, there have been 9 successful seasons, with the tenth beginning today. These are all the Fortnite seasons to date, with their start and end dates.

SeasonStart dateEnd date
1Oct. 25, 2017Dec. 13, 2017
2Dec. 14, 2017Feb. 21, 2018
3Feb. 22, 2018April 30, 2018
4May 1, 2018July 12, 2018
5July 12, 2018Sept. 27, 2018
6Sept. 27, 2018Dec. 6, 2018
7Dec. 6, 2018Feb. 28, 2019
8Feb. 28, 2019May 9, 2019
9May 9, 2019Aug. 1, 2019
XAug. 1, 2019October 10 2019

Epic Games does a great job freshening up every season with new content, skins, and game features. They also change around the map and do a great job at preventing it from getting stale and boring. Some of their changes are a flop, but a majority of them are loved and keeps their user base growing.

The new additions to the game is why season releases are always so popular. This is when the game is the most active and has the most players. There’s no doubt epic games get a nice influx of revenue and user numbers during the launch of every season.


In the Season X v9.40 update, a file was discovered with a line of text that reads “Season 10 now through October 10.” That makes for a ten week long Season X.

Twitter / Maniacleaks
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