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What Do Moonstones Do in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

What are these odd things used for?
Pixar Fest rewards in Disney Dreamlight valley
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Disney Dreamlight Valley is a joyful life-sim title that’s available for free on all platforms. With nearly endless hours worth of questing, foraging, and friendship-building under its belt, players are sure to have a lot of time to build into this beautiful Disney world.

And of course, like most games these days, Disney Dreamlight Valley has some games-as-a-service trends baked into its fabric. There’s already a season pass and an in-game currency that takes real-world money to earn, at least, eventually, it will. Today, we’re going to talk about that currency, Moonstones, and what it actually does in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

What Do Moonstones Do in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Players that have opted to join in on this game during early access are granted helpings of Moonstones as part of their Founder’s Edition bundles. Each has its own Moonstone amount, with the more you spend giving you access to more. Moonstones are this game’s currency that’s going to be purchasable with real money. At least for now though, that isn’t really the case.

As of now, players can only get Moonstones by purchasing a Founder’s Edition of the game, earning more Moonstones through the Star Paths, or finding some in the Blue Chests that randomly appear throughout the Dreamlight Valley. These Moonstones can’t be used to purchase anything that affects gameplay, being limited to only having the ability to purchase cosmetic items with them. Though, that isn’t entirely the case for that either.

You can use Moonstones to purchase cosmetic items in the premium shop during various events. Some of those events such as the Pixar Fest had various items where you could only unlock them if you exchanged moonstones.

Star Paths Disney Dreamlight Valley

So in a nutshell, the Moonstones are really only used in conjunction with the Star Paths during certain events. There were a few star paths that were released after the game had certain updates implemented. For example, when Scar was introduced we were given a Villains Star Path where you could unlock exclusive furniture that tied into villains such as a Hades Motif or a Magic Mirror.

The most recent star path focuses on Disney Parks by turning your village into your own Disneyland adventure. This is called the Disney Parks Star Path where you could earn cosmetics, motifs, and new theme park attractions. Have you always wanted a Mad Tea Party amusement park? What about decorations to improve your village’s aesthetic to make you feel as if you’re at Disneyland?

The Disney Parks Star Path is a limited-time event running from April 5th, 2023 – May 16th, 2023. If you haven’t started your star path journey you should start playing as soon as you can before the magic ends.

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