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VALORANT Unable to Access Game

VALORANT players are reporting seeing the “Unable to Access Game” error when they launch their VALORANT client. This can be for a variety of reasons, and this will provide some information as to why you are seeing this message and how you can resolve it.

VALORANT Unable to Access Game

The reason for the Unable to Access Game error is because you don’t have permission to play the game. Players need to be whitelisted by Riot Games to participate in the closed beta until the official launch date.

To have your account whitelisted, you will need a closed beta key. You can get one from watching Twitch streamers that have VALORANT drops enabled. Other players that were invited to participate in the private playtest will likely already have access to the closed beta and every other beta.

The closed beta for VALORANT begins on Tuesday, April 7, 2020. Make sure to link up your Twitch account with your Riot Games account to prepare for the Twitch key drops.

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