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Valorant Oni Collection now available for purchase

Valorant Oni Collection now available for purchase

Yesterday, we got a glimpse of a new set of Valorant skins called the Oni Collection. The Japanese-inspired skin set features five weapon skins, a gun buddy, a player card, and an in-game spray. Here’s a closer look at the Valorant Oni Collection.

Valorant Oni Collection

The Oni Collection includes weapon skins for the Shorty, Bucky, Phantom, and Guardian, along with a melee skin. The feature set is available in the in-game store for the next twelve days for an overall bundle price of 7,100 VP. 

  • Shorty: 1,775 VP
  • Bucky: 1,775 VP
  • Phantom: 1,775 VP
  • Guardian: 1,775 VP
  • Melee: 3,550 VP
  • Buddy: 475 VP
  • Spray: 325 VP
  • Card: 375 VP
  • Total Value: 11,825 VP

Each of the four weapons has seven variants, which you can upgrade for Radianite Points. Additional colorways include black, green, and white, with red being the default. Here are the weapon upgrades:

  • Base: Default skin – 10 RP
  • VFX 1: Green muzzle flash – 10 RP
  • VFX 2: Green weapon glow – 10 RP
  • Finisher  – 10 RP
  • Black skin – 15 RP
  • Green skin – 15 RP
  • White skin – 15 RP
Valorant Oni Finisher

The melee skin only has one evolution, which adds a green glow to the weapon and a green trail to your attacks. Here’s a look at the Oni spray, player card, and gun buddy.

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