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Valorant Devs Address FPS Drop Issues

Valorant FPS Drop Issues

In the PC ecosystem, no game can be perfectly optimized. It’s the price we pay for having the ability to customize our systems to any degree we like. That being said, some games are optimized better than others. Although Valorant isn’t a frontrunner for performance issues, some of the latest patches have had players dealing with FPS stability problems.

On the recent “Ask Valorant” the developers were asked why the FPS drops from time to time and what they are doing about overall performance issues. The devs go on to say that they are working to improve the CPU performance of the game. FPS (Frames Per Second) issues can fall under two categories. They can be GPU bound or CPU bound. Typically lower-end computers will have their frames GPU bound, and higher-end PCs will be CPU bound. The Valorant dev team is looking to optimize the higher-end PCs for FPS drop issues. And you can’t blame them. Imagine dishing out two to three thousand dollars and still dealing with frame drops. The lower-end computer solutions are more straightforward; upgrade your video card.

The devs then talk about agent abilities and the flow of performance throughout the match. They will be monitoring and adjusting performance related to Agent abilities over the next few months. Their objective is to identify and optimize the lowest FPS point in any one match and work their way up from there. Typically this is in the latter part of the round when teams have a significant engagement. Multiple abilities are used, and more players are present in one area. All of this can cause an FPS dip, and that’s what Riot want’s to focus on moving forward.

It’s good to see that the performance complaints from the fans did not fall on deaf ears. There is no doubt that Valorant’s dedicated performance team will have fixes out soon. Click here if you would like to read the full interview and also check out our FPS Setting Guide for Valorant.

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