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Valorant’s Act 2 begins on August 4, with new Agent and Battle Pass

Valorant Act 2

The second Act of Valorant is only a couple of days away. Riot Games announces Valorant Act 2 begins on August 4, with most of the content being available right off the bat. Many players are excited for the new Agent, Killjoy, but a few other exciting new additions are coming to the new season as well. 

Killjoy is the newest Agent to the game since Reina’s introduction back in July. She has some unique abilities that make her function as a bit of an engineer. She has a deployable Turret ability, along with an Alarmbot and Nanoswarm grenade. Players can expect to be able to play as this Agent in Valorant Act 2. 

Aside from the new Agent, a new Battle Pass releases this season. The pass features new Valorant skins, gun buddies, player cards and titles, sprays, and in-game currency known as Radianite Points. The progression system will be the same as Act 1, but the new cosmetics give players something new to unlock. The Battle Pass is available on August 4 for 1,000 Valorant Points for the paid-tier track. 

That’s not all Act 2 has to offer. There will be a ton of new changes and patch notes to review on release day. We’re anticipating the update to be the most massive patch to date, with a plethora of balance changes, nerfs, buffs, tweaks, and quality of life improvements. So far, we know the Glitchpop collection is coming, but many other unknown skins are coming to the game as well.

Valorant is also finally getting an FFA Deathmatch mode, which was by far one of the most highly requested features to date. It should be available as soon as Act 2 goes live. We’re not sure of the official end date yet, but we’ll keep you posted when it is public.

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