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Where to Find Onions in Valheim

Learn where to find Onions in Valheim, and what to do with them once you've found some seeds.
Where to Find Onions in Valheim

Everyone loves ripe, stinky onions. With the addition of the Hearth and Home update to Valheim, this world-famous ingredient has finally made its way into the hands of Viking warriors, to be turned into many delicious and savory dishes. Here’s where to find onions in Valheim.

Strangely, according to several player testimonials, onions don’t seem to be naturally occurring in Valheim, at least not yet. Rather, multiple players have sourced onion seeds from chests in a specific abandoned village found in the Mountains biome. I’m not sure how comfortable I am sourcing produce from the dead, but hey, seeds are seeds. It’s not like anyone else was using them.

Where to Find Onions in Valheim

To find onions in Valheim:

  1. Search the Mountain biome for an abandoned village
  2. Search for a chest in the village containing onion seeds
  3. Use a Cultivator to plant and raise the seeds into onions

You can find onions in Valheim by searching through chests in the snowy Mountains biome. There’s the occasional abandoned building you’ll come across. The chests in this biome have a fairly high chance to contain Onion seeds, which allow you to plant and grow healthy onions.

Once you’ve got your onion seeds, you’ll need to raise them into proper onions. As with any farming endeavor, you’ll first need to craft a Cultivator tool, which is unlocked after acquiring at least one piece of Bronze and constructed with 5 Bronze and 5 Core Wood. 

How to Plant Onions in Valheim

Find a nice flat patch of ground to start up your onion farm, using your Cultivator to till the soil. Plant the onion seeds a decent distance away from one another so that they all have room to grow properly. 

Field of Onions in Valheim

Keep an eye on them, as if they’re too close together, they’ll wither and die. Once the seeds are safely in the ground, it’s just a matter of wasting a few in-game days, and boom, fresh onions outta the ground. Hope you’ve got a cauldron, ‘cause it’s soup-o-clock.

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