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How to Summon and Defeat Eikthyr in Valheim

How to Summon and Defeat Eikthyr in Valheim
How to Summon and Defeat Eikthyr in Valheim

Valheim is a co-op fantasy adventure PvE game from Iron Gate AB and Coffee Stain Studios. As you begin exploring the seemingly peaceful lands and progressing through the game, you’ll encounter some powerful foes. There are some special requirements for summoning these forsaken bosses, though. Now, while we recommend playing with a friend or two, you can easily kill the first boss solo with our guide. Here’s how to summon and defeat Eikthyr in Valheim.

Before you start the process of summoning Eikthyr, you’ll want to make sure you have a few items in your inventory. First, you’ll be going through dozens of arrows, so be sure to bring about 50-100 arrows along with your bow. You will also need two Deer Trophy items, which you can obtain from killing deer.

How to Summon Eikthyr

Here’s how to summon Eikthyr in Valheim:

  1. Activate the Vegvisir Eikthyr.
  2. Walk to the Eikthyr summoning location.
  3. Offer two Deer Trophies at the Mystical Altar.

To summon Eikthyr, go to the starting area and activate the Vegvisir Eikthyr. Activating the tome brings up the Eikthyr location on your map, so hit M to pull up your map and look for the icon, which should be pretty close to your current location. 

Next, as long as you have two Deer Trophy items in your inventory, head to the Mystical Altar at the Eikthyr summoning spot. Equip the trophies in one of your item slots, and then walk up to the Mystical Altar. Press the button corresponding with the slot where you have the Deer trophies to offer them.

How to Summon and Defeat Eikthyr in Valheim - Summon

Light particles will begin appearing and flow to a single location where Eikthyr spawns. Shoot Eikthyr with a bow or get close to it to have it chase you. 

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How to defeat Eikthyr

Eikthyr has a few moves you will want to avoid:

  1. Melee attack: A deadly attack, but it has a casting time. For that reason, it’s pretty easy to get out of the way, but if it does hit you, it can one or two-shot you.
  2. Ground stomp: Eikthyr sometimes stomps the ground and emits a large electrical AoE that does around 20 damage. If you see Eikthyr go up on its hind legs, the ground stomp is coming.
  3. Lightning: Eikthyr also shoots lightning, so you’ll always want to have something nearby to hide behind.

A good strategy to defeat Eikthyr depends on your group size. If you are solo, you will likely want to build a bit of a fortress. Surround an area with walls and a small entrance, with a lookout tower in the middle. The strategy is to lure Eikthyr over to your fortress and unleash arrows upon him with your bow from the tower. Eikthyr is too big to fit between a small entrance, so use that to your advantage.

If you are in a group of people, the boss fight is pretty simple. One player will want to get Eikthyr’s attention and leash it around in a circle. It helps if you have some downed trees because it can seriously impede Eikthyr’s movement. The other players should focus the boss with a bow and arrow or attack it from behind sneakily. 

When you finally take Eikthyr down, you can pick up the Eikthyr trophy and hard antlers. Overall, Eikthyr does not have much health, as it is the first boss after all. You can summon the boss again by offering up two more Deer trophies.

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Claiming your reward

After defeating the Forsaken bosses, you can offer their Forsaken trophy to the Gods at the sacrificial stones. Look for the stone that has a deer on it in the starting area. Take the Eikthyr trophy there to hook it onto the stone, and claim the following reward:

  • Jump stamina usage: -60%
  • Run stamina usage: -60%

Considering the stamina drain is pretty severe, this will help you out quite a bit in your travels.

How to Summon and Defeat Eikthyr in Valheim - Reward

After defeating Eikthyr, you can now return to your workbench and begin crafting an antler pickaxe.

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