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How to Touch Gloves in UFC 4

Here's the controls you need to know to touch gloves with your opponent in UFC 4
How to Touch Gloves in UFC 4

Despite being released nearly two years ago, and the newest UFC 5 on the horizon, UFC 4 is still extremely popular in the gaming community. In large part due to the incredible performances that we all bear witness to every Saturday night in the real-life Ultimate Fighting Championship. With this in mind, there are many features and game modes that new players are still discovering. One particular aspect of the game that has some people confused is the act of touching gloves in UFC 4. Here is everything you need to know about how to touch gloves in UFC 4.

Even though it’s a sport and business filled with brutal violence and chaos, the UFC still has some of its very own classic traditions. One of which is touching gloves before a fight. Touching gloves in mixed martial arts is a traditional display of sportsmanship and is the best way to show your opponent respect before the fight ensues. Similar to the bow, which is a formal sign of respect commonly found in Karate, Jujitsu, Judo, and many other forms of martial art. 

That being said, touching gloves in the UFC is also a quick way to mess with your opponent and deceive them into believing that you respect their capabilities. When in truth, you do not.  

How to Touch Gloves in UFC 4

Luckily, touching gloves in UFC 4 is performed using the same controls as were used in previous games. All you need to do is walk slowly towards your opponent at the start of the round and press L2 (PlayStation) or Left Trigger (Xbox). This will initiate you and your opponent to exchange a quick tap with your gloves before you start trading blows with one another. 

However, it’s worth noting that some players will try and fake you out with the glove touch, only to catch you off guard and go in for the knockout blow. So, it’s advised to proceed with caution and move slowly towards your opponent before going in for the glove touch. This way, you can properly assess whether the act is sincere or not. Although, it’s still a cage fight, so I wouldn’t bank on too many sincerities. 

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