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Overwatch’s Next Hero: Echo

Overwatch’s next hero, Echo, has finally been confirmed by Blizzard. A new origin story was released for Echo on Wednesday by Blizzard. Our first glimpse of this hero was during the McCree cinematic from BlizzCon 2018.

Echo is an Omnic that was saved by McCree, and she’s back to help out Overwatch. She will be the eleventh new hero added to Overwatch and the 32nd playable hero in the game.

We meet Dr. Liao in this video, the mysterious sixth founder of Overwatch and creator of Omnics. Liao joined Overwatch and created Echo, who is an evolutionary robot programmed with a rapidly adapting artificial intelligence. She represents the cutting edge of technology.

Echo is supposedly a reflection of Liao and not a transformation of her mind into an Omnic body. Check out the official video below released by Blizzard today.

It’s likely we’ll see Echo available in the Overwatch test servers in the very near future. We’ll update you on her abilities and powers when some more information becomes available.

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