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The Best Build for Citrine in Warframe 2023 – Best Mods and Archon Shards

Best build for Citrine.
New Warframe Citrine on the cover image.
Image via Digital Extremes

Citrine is the 52nd Warframe released in the latest update. She is a support character who grants health regeneration to the nearby allies. However, her hybrid nature makes her capable of inflicting damage on the enemy. The diamond cut outs and the refraction of light in them inspire Citrine’s character and abilities.

Here is everything you need to know about Citrine, including the best mods, archon shards, and general gameplay.

The Best Build for Citrine in Warframe 2023 – Best Mods and Archon Shards

Citrine is a support, but she looks much stronger as an all rounder, especially with the correct build. This build will focus on her support aspects to get the maximum output from her abilities. However, it will also give emphasis on her all rounder nature.

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You can equip Archon Shards to boost her effectiveness during the game. Start with two Amber Archon Shards, two Crimson Amber Shards, and one Azure Amber Shard. Once you equip these shards, you will have the following benefits.

  • +100% Health orbs effectiveness.
  • +50% Energy orbs effectiveness.
  • +10% ability strength.
  • +10% ability duration.
  • +150 armor.
Citrine aiming for the enemy in Warframe.
Image via Digital Extremes

You can also change the shards according to your play style and what goes better with the mods in this guide. However, we strongly recommend using the following mods.

  • Archon Vitality — This Archon Mod will increases Health and doubles Heat procs for abilities that can inflict them.
  • Archon Continuity — Since Citrine heavily relies on her abilities, this mod will increase her Ability Duration. It will also cause toxin-proccing abilities to deal corrosive damage.
  • Corrosive Projection — An aura mod which will reduce armor of all enemies in the mission.
  • Arcane Stretch — It will increase Citrine’s ability range and give energy regeneration when an enemy ability deals electricity damage.
  • Intensify — A simple yet effective mod increasing the ability Strength of Warframe abilities.
  • Primed Sure Footed — Increases chance to resist knockdowns and staggers.
  • Primed Flow — Increases maximum energy flow for Citrine.
  • Augur Reach — Yet another mod to increase the Ability Range of a Warframe.
  • Natural Talent — Improves Casting Speed of Warframe abilities. Pretty much interchangeable with the Amber Archon Shards.
  • Rolling Guard — Grants a brief period of invulnerability and removes all Status Effects when rolling.

Citrine Gameplay

Since Citrine is a support, you will focus on your abilities to help your allies. However, we have good fire power to fight and sustain long fights. The mods and shards will aid the Prismatic Gem ability, which inflicts Heat, Cold, Toxin, and Electricity Status Effects. It will have maximum effect on enemy debuffs and buffs for your allies.

Overall, you will be the crowd control Warframe and can do more than what’s needed from a support.

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