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How to Save Your Game in The Ascent

How to Save Your Game in The Ascent

One of the hallmark tropes of a typical cyberpunk setting like the one in The Ascent is constant monitoring by technology and the corporations that control it. So… not that different from what we put up with in real life, except they don’t ask permission first. Of course, since the big corporation in The Ascent has just shut down, that means nobody’s keeping track of your progress anymore. On that note, here’s how to save in The Ascent.

If you’re the kind of person who prefers to make a manual save every 30 minutes or so, The Ascent is probably going to get on your nerves, because there’s no manual saving system. No dedicated button, no save slots, nothin’. The only means you have of saving your progress, and I do mean only, is through the game’s built-in autosave system.

Whenever you transition between areas, either through manual travel or the fast-travel system, your progress will save automatically. Your progress will also save if you die, and seeing as how there aren’t really any consequences for death in this game, with you respawning relatively close by, this is actually a fairly reliable means of saving the game, if not a mildly silly one.

How to Save in The Ascent

If you’re ever unsure about whether you’ve saved recently or not, you can check by pausing the game and clicking the “Return to Main Menu” option. The game will give you a warning reminding you that all unsaved progress will be lost, which also includes a minute and second timer indicating when the last time you saved was. If it’s been a little while since you’ve saved, go call a taxi or hurl yourself off a tall building first, then you can go ahead and close the game.

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