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The Ascent – how to find Taoka at Dream World

The Ascent – how to find Taoka at Dream World

Super-sketchy nightclubs are another classic staple of the cyberpunk aesthetic. They’re always full of some manner of unsavory character, whether they be peddlers of mysterious substances or fixers assigning mercenaries their work. But whether you be a crook or a vigilante, you’ll almost always find yourself in such a place in a cyberpunk setting, and The Ascent is no different. Here’s how to find Taoka at Dream World in The Ascent.

In the side mission “Lost and Found,” a particular NPC in Karma Logistics in The Node, Raphael, asks you to retrieve his bag from Tham’s Gate and bring it to his contact Taoka in the Dream World club. It’s a pretty straightforward job on paper, but there’s a little hitch to it that can confuse you if you don’t know about it.

How to Find Taoka at Dream World in The Ascent

First, follow your waypoint to Tham’s Gate. You’ll need to check a few bags before you uncover Raphael’s, and in the meantime, you’ll have to deal with a few waves of Rojin. Dispatch the jobbers, and eventually you’ll find the yellow bag you’re looking for. 

Your waypoint will then direct you to Dream World, where Taoka is. The only problem is that Dream World isn’t accessible. This is the aforementioned hitch; the game doesn’t tell you about this, but you can’t enter Dream World until you’ve completed the game’s sixth main story mission, “Foreign Code.” Since that mission is supposed to be the first time you visit Dream World, you can’t get in until it’s been dealt with. If you haven’t completed “Foreign Code” yet, you’ll have to come back later after you have.

Once “Foreign Code” is squared away, finishing “Lost and Found” is easy. Just walk right into Dream World, follow your waypoint to Taoka, and drop off Raphael’s bag. Boom, done.

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