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How to Fast Travel in The Ascent

How to Fast Travel in The Ascent

Give dystopian cyberpunk cities this, it’s never especially difficult to get around. If you’ve got the money and the hardware, you can call up a robo taxi just about anywhere. It’s like Uber, but with less strange smells in the backseat. Here’s how to fast travel in The Ascent.

As you ascend the arcology of The Ascent Group, chances are good you’re going to have to do a spot of backtracking here and there between the construct’s various districts. You can’t fit the entirety of a corporate city-state in a few buildings, after all. While new areas obviously need to be reached on foot, anywhere you’ve already been can be freely visited via two different fast travel systems: the metro line and the taxi service.

How to Fast Travel in The Ascent

Access to both the metro line and the taxi service Fast Travel systems in The Ascent is unlocked by the end of the third main story quest, “Trading Places.” You should endeavor to get this quest done before you try and side content, just so you don’t have to do as much manual backtracking.

The metro line stations appear in static spots in each district, designated by a red M icon on your map. The metro line is free to ride, and you can take it to any other station you’ve previously visited. 

If you need to get somewhere that’s a little off the beaten path, you can call up a taxi from anywhere in the world to get you where you need to go. Taxi rides cost 1,000 Credits a pop, though, so if you’re broke, your only option is to take the metro and hoof it the rest of the way. If you can afford the trip, taxis provide a much greater range of locations you can zip directly to, so if you know exactly where you need to be, it’s a major time saver.

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